Mueller OUTSOURCED investigations & won’t say to whom


Real Clear Investigations has a bombshell for us and it’s not a good bombshell!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller spent more than $732,000 on outside contractors, including private investigators and researchers. That happens but the problem is he hired contractors to put together “investigative reports” and other “information.”

The clincher is they won’t say who those contractors are or what “information” they are talking about.

Did the contractors include Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, foreign ministries, inquiring minds would like to know?

Watchdogs and other investigators suspect the dossier creators were involved in Mueller’s operation. He did, after all, hire Democrats and Trump haters to investigate Trump.

They aren’t just guessing.


The special counsel sent his team to London to meet with Steele within a few months of taking over the Russia collusion investigation in 2017. Mueller’s lead prosecutor, Andrew Weissman, a sleazy, ruthless man, shared information he received from Fusion with the media.

Let’s not forget that Bruce Ohr, who still works for the FBI, continued to use Steele for information about Trump after he was dismissed from the probe.

Another reason to suspect this is the case is Mueller’s report regurgitates the same general allegations we see in the dossier. Mueller cites as supporting evidence several articles – including the infamous circular one by Yahoo! News – that Steele and Fusion used as sources!!!

Mueller even repeated the most obscene and absurd allegations about the golden showers — peeing hookers — tapes. It’s long been debunked by many in the know. He put it in a footnote unnecessarily and without context. It was manipulative and deliberate.

The footnote includes an October 2016 text Trump lawyer Michael Cohen received from a “Russian businessman,” who cryptically intimated, “Stopped-flow of tapes from Russia.” Lawyers for the businessman, Giorgi Rtskhiladze (who is actually a Georgian-American), are demanding a retraction of the footnote, arguing Mueller omitted the part of his text where he said he did not believe the rumor about the tapes, for which no evidence has ever surfaced.

Those accusations were described as “salacious and unverified” by their hero Comey.

This is CRAZY! We must know who these contractors are now! We doubt the Democrats will want to know for all their yelling about transparency.


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