Mueller Probe Looks Pre-Planned as Early as August 2016


Andrew Weissman

According to testimony by Bruce Ohr, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s lead deputy Andrew Weissman knew about the opposition research in August 2016.  If you are wondering how early and how widespread this Russiagate conspiracy began, this is your answer.

DOJ official Bruce Ohr was asked about the briefings during closed-door interviews with House lawmakers in August 2018. Ohr said he met with Weissman and other DOJ officials on July 30, 2016, to explain that the dossier was opposition research commissioned by Hillary Clinton’s team.

Ohr told congressional investigators that his contact with Steele included “specific information related to the Russian Government’s attempt to interfere in the Presidential election,” as well as specific allegations “related to members of the Trump campaign and allegations of colluding with Russia.”

Via Fox News:

Question: “You’ve identified at the Department of Justice folks as early as August of 2016 or folks at the Department of Justice and FBI being aware of your involvement. At the Department of Justice, Mr. [Bruce] Swartz, Mr. [Andrew] Weissmann, and the third name, I didn’t get, Zainab [Ahmad]?”

Ohr: “Ahmad, Ms. Ahmad.”

Ohr was then asked about meeting with then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as well as lawyer Lisa Page and agent Peter Strzok, all three of whom have since left the bureau.

During his testimony, Ohr said he stressed during the 2016 meetings — many of which took place before the Page surveillance warrant was obtained — the potential bias and conflicts associated with Steele and the dossier, which was commissioned by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign and handled by opposition-research firm Fusion GPS. The surveillance warrant application drew on the unverified Trump dossier.

Robert Mueller wasn’t appointed as Special Counsel until May 17, 2017. Mueller’s appointment looks pre-planned. That’s not certain. It only looks that way at this point.

Senator Grassley said he expects the Mueller report within a month. Democrats are planning to use it to impeach the President. They seem to be certain the report will be devastating.


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4 years ago

Grassley was an asset to the coup by avoiding any serious attacks and investigations. His gossip on when it may end is meaningless. A real and decent leader would be interacting with the coup and using the tools available to fight it. Instead he speaks like a gossip reporter.