Mueller Refers Tony Podesta, Obama White House Counsel to Federal District Court


Mueller has referred matters for investigation to the Southern District of New York. The matters involve Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta and his work for the Podesta Group. Former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig, a former partner at law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, is also part of the inquiry, according to the AP.

A Republican Rep. Vin Weber was also referred.

It doesn’t mean charges are coming and it’s not clear why all were referred to the New York District for investigation. Mercury and Skadden have offices in Manhattan, though Weber and Craig are based in Washington, DC, and performed the work in question while based in offices there.

It’s also not clear whether they are considered one case or separate matters. All involve inquiries into whether the men improperly performed work on behalf of groups associated with Ukraine without registering as foreign agents.

Federal law requires that an entity representing a foreign political party or government file public reports detailing the relationship.

It’s a law that hasn’t been prosecuted in the past and about half of D.C. is guilty of not registering. They should register, of course. Can’t say we like lobbying of Congress on behalf of foreign countries.


An attorney for Weber, who led Mercury’s Ukraine-linked lobbying work, declined to comment.

“We welcome any inquiry, as we always have, since we acted appropriately at every step of the process, including hiring the best lawyer in Washington we could and following his advice,” said Michael McKeon, a partner at Mercury.

Craig declined to comment. Skadden declined to comment.

Mercury submitted FARA filings after the fact as did Podesta.

Another attorney for Skadden lied to the Special Counsel office about his dealings with the Ukraine. He was sentenced to 30 days in prison earlier this year. The senior partner he dealt with was Craig who left the firm in April.

Mueller had been scrutinizing all three firms as part of his inquiry into former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his associate, Rick Gates. Both were charged by the special counsel’s office with failing to file as foreign agents. They worked for a decade for a pro-Russia party in the Ukraine. The party actually wanted to be part of NATO.



  1. What I read somewhere: Is Podesta guilty of ‘insider trading’ with the ‘Uranium One’ deal ? He loaded up on stock beforehand and then transferred it to his daughters name. Congress people get recused of this nefarious acts, but Podesta was neither.

  2. True Tony Podesta did get a lot of money lobbying for Uranium One, but I think you’ve mixed up John Podesta who transferred his shares in Joule Unlimited Technologies to his daughter, which received millions from a Putin connected government fund regarding Uranium One. They both are corrupt:

  3. The main story is that Mueller is unethical, is involved in several scandals, and his ally Sessions has hijacked the DOJ for the purpose of coverups. Anything Mueller does is suspect.

  4. A good deal of the unrest in Ukraine began with policies that would devastate local economies. It was exacerbated by rivalry between the ethnic Russians of the east and Western Ukraine. The radicalism was so great in the West the result had the Svoboda, a neo-Nazi type party, rise in popularity.

    Our own State Department, along with McCain and Graham, decided to back this group. They just didn’t want to see the most radical of the group to ascend to power and made decisions on who would be in power.

    Just the other day I watched a hearing where one Senator brought up Donbass. These are the ethnic Russians that Kiev calls “terrorists”. But who Are the terrorists. There are videos and journalist embeds that have recorded what was going on. In one case Kiev claims an “air conditioner” blew up killing and injuring many. Videos show people gathered in a type of courtyard area watching a plane overhead. Within a couple of minutes it circles around and “Attacks” those standing around. The video shows the bloodbath in the aftermath of bodies of women and children.

    Russian hatred has become so extreme we will not bother to look at who we are supporting, even to the point of overlooking the slaughter of women and children. It has gotten to the point that Congress and the media would take the side of a new Hitler in a WWII type reversal. This is not to say Eastern Ukraine weren’t also corrupt, but Kiev went to extremes in their response.

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