Mueller Report Left Out Critical Information in Order to Deceive


Robert Mueller

The Mueller report is written as a defense of the FBI and DOJ. It contains obvious bias against Donald Trump and his campaign. Examples of prejudice in the report run throughout and two examples were discussed last night on Fox News.

In one section, the report includes minute details about the Trump Tower meeting. While it details information about Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, it makes no mention whatsoever of her arrangement with Fusion GPS. In another example in the report, former Trump aide Michael Caputo’s communications with a Russian man offering dirt on Hillary were described. But nowhere in the report does Mueller explain the Russian was a 17-year FBI informant.

Wall Street Journal editor Kimberly Strassel reports that “by the fall of 2017, it was clear that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as a former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was too conflicted to take a detached look at a Russia-collusion story that had become more about FBI malfeasance than about Donald Trump.”

The report reflects the bias of Robert Mueller and his 19 Democrat investigators, 13 of whom were strong Hillary Clinton supporters.

What is also evident to those who read the report is that the 448-page report is a biased defense of the DOJ and FBI that relentlessly attempts to take Donald Trump out.

Ms. Strassel via Fox News

Volume I of the Mueller report, which deals with collusion, spends tens of thousands of words describing trivial interactions between Trump officials and various Russians. While it doubtless wasn’t Mueller’s intention, the sheer quantity and banality of details highlight the degree to which these contacts were random, haphazard and peripheral. By the end of Volume I, the notion that the Trump campaign engaged in some grand plot with Russia is a joke.

Yet jump to the section where the Mueller team lists its “prosecution and declination” decisions with regards the Russia question. And try not to picture Mueller “pit bull” prosecutor Andrew Weissmann collapsed under mountains of federal statutes after his two-year hunt to find one that applied.

In Volume II, Mueller, using his extraordinary powers, puts everything out, innuendo, everything, for public consumption, and doesn’t recommend charges himself. He did what Jim Comey got fired for doing.

Where’s the Dossier And Fusion GPS?

Tens of thousands of words were allocated to the Trump Tower meeting and everything was documented except for some extremely pertinent details. The report says nothing about Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya’s ties to Fusion GPS.

Veselnitskaya worked alongside Fusion GPS of dossier fame and met with them the day before and the day after the Trump Tower meeting.

Ms. Strassel explained on ‘Ingraham’ last night.

Where’s the FBI Informant Information?

Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo described the section about him in the “mischievous” Mueller report on Tucker last night.

Russian Henry Greenberg offered Caputo dirt on Hillary Clinton, and that was mentioned in the report, but they left out the fact that he was a 17-year FBI informant.

He was another plant, a spy, in other words.

The President Never Told Corey Lewandowski to Fire Mueller

The Mueller report claims the President asked Corey Lewandowski to help him fire Robert Mueller. Lewandowski denies it and says the President never asked him to fire him nor did he have the authority to fire him.

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Darryll Green
Darryll Green
4 years ago Why did Obama’s DOJ let Natalia Veselnitskaya into U.S.?
UPDATED ON: JULY 16, 2017 / 4:36 PM / CBS NEWS Mr. Trump appeared to be referencing reports about Veselnitskaya’s efforts to enter the U.S. to represent a Russian client in a New York lawsuit in late 2015. Denied a visa, a frustrated Veselnitskaya was eventually able to secure permission from the Justice Department to enter the country outside the normal visa process under a designation known as “immigration parole,” court records show. In October 2015, Veselnitskaya represented Denis Katsyv in a money laundering suit against his company, Prevezon. The U.S. government had accused Katsyv of using $230 million in stolen funds to buy real estate. Veselnitskaya’s application for a visa to travel to the U.S. to work on the case was denied, she said in a later court filing.
Instead, the Department of Justice granted Katsyv and Veselnitskaya immigration parole. In later arguments before a federal judge, a government attorney described immigration parole as “a discretionary act that the statute allows the attorney general to do in extraordinary circumstances.” The U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York granted Veselnitskaya immigration parole in October 2015, setting an expiration date of January 7, 2016, DOJ attorneys later told the court.

jimmy matho
jimmy matho
4 years ago

should have fired mueller right after Rosenstein took it upon himself to hire him.
“You’re fired!!!”
what would be different than now?
they haven’t let up, they are tripling down!!
i would not have allowed them to compile a 2020 oppo research paper on me , which is all this mueller report is now!

4 years ago

Another reason Veselnitskaya is singled out in many ways is due to Bill Browder and the Magnitsky Act. The Trump tower meeting had that purpose in mind. When adoptions were mentioned, that too, is related. Browder has been very effective in silencing virtually everyone but a few who have been providing evidence.

When Trump had his meeting with Putin the media went berserk. There were “hints” in that meeting in what Putin had to say. I had already done some research into this and Ukraine. The documentary, The Magnitsky Act: Behind the scenes, was already in the news. Since its release it has been systematically removed from each site it is hosted on. Taking into account the length of the video, and the time Trump and Putin spent together, it could very well be that Putin screened that video for Trump, leaving time for a worthwhile meeting. This would have given Trump an entirely new perspective on Putin, Russia and even Ukraine. I doubt anyone has even considered this possibility.

The media has commended themselves on such good journalism with all this Russia, Russia, Russia story. It is obvious the Special Counsel’s office has been leaking nearly the entire report to the media, hence, good journalism. The “yellow” journalism part has been “using” those leaks to weave story after story that bore no resemblance to the underlying facts. It was used to create perceptions in the minds of the public how evil this President truly is. We can now see how Mueller’s team “conspired” With the media all in the effort to damage Trump to the greatest extent possible. The final nail was, “no decision on obstruction”. This allows the charade to continue, with the report suggesting it in no uncertain terms. The remaining question is; were the media useful idiots, or “willing” participants.

4 years ago

Mulehead and his team never interviewed Natalia Veselnitskaya, bigleaguepolitics has a pretty interesting take on why she was never interviewed, for instance the SDNY charged her with “misleading declaration” in a civil money-laundering case” which would contradict the Michael Cohen-focused case, she can’t come to the U.S., she would be arrested, So what could Veselnitskaya spill if she testified? For one thing, Fusion GPS has tried to claim no knowledge of Veselnitskaya’s Trump Tower meeting, despite the fact that Veselnitskaya had dinner with Fusion GPS chief Glenn Simpson the night before the meeting and also the night after the meeting.

4 years ago

The claim that the Russians supported Trump (and Sanders) instead of Hillary is the basis for accusations against Trump. Given Hillary and Bill’s cozy and $$$ rewarding relationship with Russia during her tenure as SoS, why would they support Trump over her? The Mueller report may well be a continuation of the ‘protect the queen’ mindset we’ve seen throughout her career. Do you trust these people to tell the truth? Not me.