Mueller Team Made the Enquirer Cop to a Non-Crime to Prosecute Trump


The Mueller team is creating crimes out of whole cloth. At least that is how it looks after today’s events.

During today’s sentencing of Michael Cohen, we found out more about the Mueller team’s plans for the President. The Justice Department announced a non-prosecution deal with the parent company of the National Enquirer, AMI, for a non-crime they committed.

This story isn’t satire. The National Enquirer and the President did NOT commit a crime, but AMI copped to it and said they did it with the President to influence the election.


You likely remember that back in July, CNN released audio from 2016, before the election, of the President discussing the Karen McDougal story with Michael Cohen. Karen McDougal is the Playboy Playmate who allegedly had an affair with the President years ago when he was newly married.

Cohen arranged for the National Enquirer to buy the story from McDougal, who is an extortionist, for $150,000. The Enquirer did not publish it, thus protecting the President during the crucial weeks before the election.

It is legal, but it seems that the Mueller team is trying to make it into a serious crime when it’s a petty campaign finance issue.

During Fox News’ show with far-left Shep, Trump hater Judge Napolitano said the President is guilty of felonies. He says the claim will be that he was paying off McDougal to influence the election and should have reported it as a campaign finance violation. Since he didn’t, Mueller will say he committed a crime.*

That is strange since our congressmen regularly go to their taxpayer-funded slush fund for just such payoffs.


Ari Fleischer who served as George Bush’s press secretary explained on Twitter that the FEC has already found that it is not illegal to pay off a mistress.

As the Edwards case shows, the FEC does not consider payments made to a mistress to be expenditures covered by the federal campaign law, and there is nothing in the public record to suggest that the commission has changed its mind since then, he wrote.

When Trump ran, it would have surprised no one that he had an affair with a pornstar and playboy bunny. And paying hush money is unseemly, but it’s not criminal. If Mueller goes after Trump for this, it’s overly aggressive. Voters, not prosecutors, should settle these matters, he wrote.


Edwards was paying a mistress because his wife was dying of cancer and he didn’t want her to find out. In Trump’s case, he didn’t want his wife and family to be humiliated. There is no difference.

What the Mueller team plans to do in all likelihood is nullify the Edwards excuse and indict the President for not reporting it as a campaign finance violation. He used his own money but Mueller will say he was influencing the election.

Mueller hasn’t noticed that Clinton influenced the election with her fake dossier.


What the Mueller team is probably doing is creating a crime. The President used his own money, and this has already been litigated in the case of John Edwards. If they eliminate the Edwards defense, they make him a criminal after the fact.

They made AMI cop to a non-crime to do it.

Anyone who thinks this isn’t a witch hunt is mistaken.


Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Andy McCarthy called out Judge Napolitano.

Mr. McCarthy said “I was quite surprised just a few minutes ago watching Judge Napolitano on the program right before yours say a federal judge had “ruled” that this is a campaign finance violation. That’s not what happened at all.”

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Testing comments.