Mueller’s Cooperating Witness George Nader Is a Bubba FOB


Special counsel Robert Mueller has secured the cooperation of a Lebanese-American businessman named George Nader. Nader has ties to a UAE prince who is a person of interest in the probe of foreign influence on the Trump presidential campaign.

The Prince is friendly with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the media is speculating that Trump was indirectly trying to set up a back channel between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin via the UAE Prince.

A meeting in Seychelles has stirred interest in this aspect of the probe. The meeting included sometime-Trump adviser Erik Prince — co-founder of Blackwater, Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, George Nader – Mueller’s cooperating witness, and Kirill Dmitriev, the head of a Russian government-controlled wealth fund.

Nader testified about the meeting to a grand jury last week.

That takes us to the Clintons’ tentacles which are everywhere.


El Portal published a photo of Bill Clinton vacationing with George Nader, a Clinton donor, and someone else, at the posh Punta Cana resort in the Dominican in early January 2017. That was before the Mueller investigation took off. [Information via Tiger Droppings.]

People who donate big to Billy are called FOB’s, Friends of Bill’s. They get special privileges. Nader is an FOB.

All roads lead to the Clintons. These people have their hands in everything. They are tied to the dossier, Fusion GPS, Alexander Downer [FOB], and so many others.

We are supposed to take the Mueller probe seriously. Someone needs to shut this d*mn thing down.





  1. Considering the questions Nunberg was asked by Mueller and other details I am suspecting there is some retribution being played out by Mueller against Trump’s change of direction in Syria. We had Obama, And McCain also, take the side of terrorists in Syria and were too indignant to change course after disaster came about. They undoubtedly would settle for terrorists enclaves so long as Bashar Al Asad was removed.

    With Trump realizing the epic disaster Obama had created with Libya AND Syria, and the terrorism that was sparked in Europe, he took a decidedly different turn. It was of Primary importance to Trump to devastate ISIS and using Russia was the better alternative. Evidently This didn’t sit well with former Obama officials like Clapper and Brenan, and even Mueller. None of them really care about what is effective only that THEIR policies were thwarted. So, the only counter response is to condemn Russian involvement and by inclusion, Trump.

    The ENTIRE political class of bureaucrats, including State with its Ambassadors, Intelligence, and others have accomplished little to nothing in the grand scheme of things, but a “Novice” politician is succeeding in ways they could never imagine and it doesn’t sit to well. It appears they would prefer to see the world destroyed rather than be “proven wrong”. With the “Political Class” it is a “Lifestyle” whereas with Trump it is all about “Making it Work”. So, WHO is better for America.

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