Did Mueller’s Indictment Vindicate Trump? Liberal Professor Responds [VIDEO]


Professor Jonathan Turley was asked by Fox News host Peter Doocy if the Mueller indictment vindicates the President. The constitutional expert does not believe they ever had a case of obstruction or collusion. This indictment goes a long way towards vindicating him for both.

There is a caveat. Turley warns he might go after some financial misdeeds or false statements.

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4 years ago

Maybe if the Government wasn’t so secretive we would never have gotten to this point. It seems more evidence is pointing to open source foreknowledge of Russian activity in information warfare. If the IC (Intelligence Community) has as their primary intelligence, “open source” intelligence, is the secrecy that is employed generated out of fear of an end to that source. It should be well known that IC personnel do use public information to learn the intent of foreign actors.

The IC report has details that correspond significantly to what was in the public domain. Our country could be much better served if the IC would directly inform the public when such information is discovered. A well informed public will be more adapt at thwarting any interference by foreign actors. Instead, the IC withdraws even more when the light is upon them. Their favorite slogan, sources and methods, is the basis to shut down any and all scrutiny. We certainly need to begin the debate on the efficacy of these criteria. We know from past experience that the IC has withheld information from the public all the while our enemies and adversaries knew full well those details. It should be inconceivable that our own Government works against the “good of the country”.