Russian Troll Indictment Means Clinton Campaign Must Be Indicted


Hillary’s campaign is subject to the same prosecution as the Russian Trolls.

Robert Mueller’s indictment announced this past week certainly proves the old adage that you can indict a ham sandwich. It’s been described as a nothing burger which it is, but it’s one that cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. If the Russians are guilty, one constitutional attorney says the DNC, Christopher Steele, FusionGPS and the Clinton campaign should be charged under this theory.

Anyone could have investigated this case. The FBI wasn’t all that amazing in uncovering the Russian Trolls. Facebook and Twitter already did the work for them. Russians also published the information in a magazine in October 2017. Furthermore, the State Department is the agency who let the Russians into the U.S.


The charges are questionable at best. Foreign nationals were indicted for influencing the election because they did not register as foreign agents nor record their financial expenditures to the Federal Elections Commission. There are also charges of identity theft which is a joke since they ignore it when people here illegally steal IDs.

Using those rules, Robert Bames, writing for Law & Crime, said that by those standards, Mueller must indict Christopher Steele, FusionGPS, PerkinsCoie, the DNC and the Clinton Campaign?

Bames is a California constitutional expert and civil rights attorney. He offers three reasons for his statement.

Christopher Steele is guilty too if the Russians are guilty. He is a foreign citizen who was paid to influence the U.S. election and he wasn’t registered as a foreign agent.

FusionGPS is guilty of the same crimes. They knew Steele is a foreign citizen, they knowingly paid Steele to influence the election, and they knew Steele wasn’t registered as a foreign agent.

PerkinsCoie is guilty too. They knew Steele was a foreign citizen, they paid him to influence the election, and they knew he wasn’t registered as a foreign agent nor did they assist him in registering.

For the exact same reasons, the DNC and the Clinton campaign are also liable for prosecution.


Don’t expect those indictments to come down anytime soon.

Mueller picked targets who will never appear in court so he will never have to prove the absurd charges.

Mueller’s indictment is malicious and is anti-First Amendment.

Mr. Bames raises serious questions, including 1.) Foreigners must register as foreign agents if they speak out on U.S. politics. 2.) If the foreigner speaks out, s/he must reveal their source of funding. 3.) Mistakes on visa applications constitute “fraud” against the State Department.

The California attorney explains that all three draw on the discredited “honest services” theories. Mueller used them in corporate and bribery cases that have been overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States for unconstitutional vagueness.

This indictment does not conform to the free speech clause of the First Amendment or due process rights under the Fifth.

While we are at it, Mexicans influenced our elections. Cesar Vargas was an operative for Bob Creamer, Hillary’s dirty tricks guy. Vargas organizes the DREAMers, who are illegal aliens. They organize rallies and protests against President Trump and in support of open borders policies in the U.S.

Vargas himself is in the United States illegally.

Mueller’s indictment reeks of a malicious prosecution, but he’s no fool. He knows the indicted Russians will never respond. He knows they will never be extradited. Mueller will never have to answer for this but he will get the press he wants. Additionally, the media argument that Robert Mueller is handing down the indictments to scare the Russians is absurd. The Russians know what is going on and they are not shaking in their boots.

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