Multi-Million Dollar NFL Players Are “Slaves”, a “Commodity”, “Less Than Human”


On and on the assault of Rob McNair goes because he used a common figure of speech to describe the takeover of NFL owners’ rights by the ‘suits’, the executives, in the NFL executive suites. McNair might have meant the players union too but he has apologized at least twice and says he was only referring to Roger Goodell.

The Houston Texans held a massive hate America protest during the national anthem Sunday in protest of McNair using a common expression.

McNair is now being called a “racist”. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has expanded that to include all the owners who dare to express an opinion different from theirs.

She says these players who make millions of dollars to entertain us (not to express their hatred of America), are treated like “commodities” and as something “less than human”. Recently Al Sharpton and a number of leftist talking heads said they are being treated as “slaves”.

This is nothing more than an attempt to silence the opposition and find excuses to continue the disrespect of our flag and country by pretending it’s not exactly what it looks like.

The expression McNair used was that the inmates can’t be in charge of the prison. The fact that is being lost here is that the NFL meeting they are referring to was a meeting in which the leftist executives in the NFL offices told the owners they basically didn’t have any rights and they would call the shots on the kneeling protests. Many of these ‘suits’ are Obama plants.

McNair and Jerry Jones had the audacity to try to assert themselves.

A coalition of these leftist players is now insisting on a meeting with McNair, Goodell and the Marxist troublemaker, Colin Kaepernick. It’s intended to bring the nearly 80-year old McNair into line.

The fact is the NFL owners do have the right to decide how their employees can affect their product. The free speech the employees are demanding is to insult the nation and shut down all opposition and anything they find offensive.

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