Horrifying Abortion Bill in Oregon Makes Taxpayers Fund Barbarism


Oregon eugenicist/Democrats have passed the most horrifying abortion bill in the history of our nation. Under HB 3391, taxpayers will be forced to fund abortion on demand for anyone and everyone, including illegals, and at any time.

If the baby is about to be born, the baby can be aborted for any reason and taxpayers will pay for it. Babies of 39 weeks will be killed – aborted.

Taxpayers in Oregon will now fund gender selection. That’s included in the bill. If a mother decides she doesn’t feel like having that little girl next week or tomorrow, she can kill the baby.

This is infanticide and taxpayers who are morally opposed will pay for it. Oregonians are barbarians. If this were a dog, an elephant or a killer whale we were talking about, these same people would be out screaming bloody murder.

No Republicans voted for this bill but Democrats CHEERED the infanticide.

Even if you disagree that it’s murder, do you really believe taxpayers should fund it?

EVERY SINGLE HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN in the state will fully cover abortion on demand, at any point, for any reason, at 39 weeks.

They already spends millions on about 3,500 abortions each year in Oregon. In addition, a fund in tax dollars will be set aside for illegal aliens.

State Rep. Bill Post (R) argued that the law is unnecessary and burdensome because Oregon already pays for most abortions performed in the state.

“This is already being done in Oregon…The total number of [abortion] procedures is now as of 2014 47,000…. Total cost [is] just over $22 million dollars.”

It’s obviously necessary because Oregon Democrats – leftists – don’t feel enough babies have died.

The bill will go to the governor’s desk where it will be signed by Kate Brown who thinks it’s a great move.


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