Murdered Soldiers Betrayed by The Pentagon


Three soldiers were murdered – executed – in Afghanistan while working out in a gym in a green-on-blue crime. The teen jihadist was tried as a juvenile in Afghanistan by three Afghan judges as if he did little more than rob the military store. Our military brass allowed this to happen. He should have been tried in the U.S. or sent to GITMO.

After the murders, the jihadist ran around and yelled that he committed jihad.

Greg Buckley Jr

Photo of one of the murdered soldiers, Greg Buckley Jr.

The murderer, Ainuddin Khudairaham, was tried on July 22 and was sentenced the next day to only 7 and one-half years without the knowledge of the victims’ families. He will be out in four since he served two years.

He will be free to kill again and he will kill again if he is this vicious while not yet out of his teens.

Our military brass didn’t have the decency to tell the families beforehand.

This is a betrayal by the military brass.

My personal feeling is they did it to be PC or it was the liberal idea of justice or both.

Buckley family

Buckley family at the funeral.

Listen to Greg Buckley Sr. on the following video. He wanted to fly to Afghanistan for the trial but was denied that opportunity.


From left to right: Executed soldiers, Marine Lance Cpl. Gregory T. Buckley, Marine Cpl. Richard A. Rivera Jr. and Marine Staff Sgt. Scott E. Dickinson.

To the weak-kneed individual(s) in the Pentagon who worked out this deal for the poor teenage jihadist, you betrayed our soldiers in the field and deserve no pity when your time comes.



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