Murderer Nikolas Cruz Was Attracted to Violence, Violent Groups


Nikolas Cruz, 19, used an AR-15 to murder at least 17 people and injure another 20 in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School he attended up until last year.

Fox News reported that they had collected information from his social media accounts. From his posts, they can confirm he was obsessed with violence, guns, and bombs. He followed radical groups, including ISIS and other Syrian and Iraqi fighters.

Before his posts were deleted, I read one in which he and another poster talked about wanting to kill extremists. His posts were chaotic and unclear.

Also of note are his chat room discussions on YouTube where he asked questions about how to build bombs.

There are photos of Cruz on social media allegedly depicting him in a Communist t-shirt, and other photos indicate he is a member of Antifa. The photos don’t look like him. Some social media bloggers say he’s a registered Democrat. Others say he’s a Trump supporter based on someone posting an alleged photo of him with a MAGA hat. None of that has been confirmed.

As soon as this shooting was announced, it was politicized by the media with at least one politician calling for gun control. We don’t even know the names of the victims.

Fox News has his social media accounts before they were deleted by someone, perhaps his family, perhaps law enforcement. We’ll wait for confirmation if it ever comes.

From reading his posts, he appears to be seriously mentally ill.


One student told a reporter today that everyone predicted he’d be the one to shoot up a school. He also said he steered clear of him.

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