Murrieta Protest Used By Leftists To Promote Illegal Immigration


Residents of Murrieta – about 80 to 120 anti-illegal immigration people – protested outside a police station chanting, “USA, USA” on July 4th. Pro-amnesty out-of-towners came into Murrieta to oppose the protesters. This follows a protest earlier this week where the residents blocked buses with 140 illegal immigrant adults and children.

The opponents today shouted in Spanish, “The (Latino) race united will never be defeated.”

We’re only talking defeat if they’re invading. Is that an admission that this is what it is?

Twitter was alight with people who seem to think wanting the borders shut down and not wanting to support endless numbers of foreigners is racism. You can read their obnoxious and unfounded comments on Twitchy.

Perhaps these people could each take in an immigrant family and support them instead of sticking the rest of us with the burden when we are struggling to support our own families.

Activists Protest Processing Of Undocumented Immigrants In California Town

The opponents always go immediately to ridicule and racism because it shuts people down. They want the borders open.

The pro-amnesty protesters appear to be members of open borders groups. Reminiscent of the occupiers, they beat drums, keeping time with dancers in indigenous garb chanting and holding signs urging respect and dignity for (illegal) immigrants.

How about some respect for citizens and our borders? There’s a thought.

One of the open borders groups represented is the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium.

“It is deplorable that people espousing anti-immigrant hate language created unnecessary tension and fear for immigrant mothers and their children,” said Pedro Rios, a community representative of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium. “Even more concerning is that elected officials in the city of Murrieta instigated this tension. Mothers and their children on these buses have suffered through enough trauma.”

Some illegal immigration supporters shouted, “no human is illegal, no white supremacy.” [so who is the racist?]

One said that if the people were from the Ukraine, we’d be happy about it. Really? I think not.

People here illegally who are being shipped in to more liberal locales are being welcomed. They want the borders open too. The liberals are greeting them with lollipops.

According to Sky News, at least one protester was arrested on suspicion of urging others to disobey police rules, reports the Los Angeles Times. He said he was merely exercising his free speech rights.

One demonstrator, Elizabeth Thornton, told the newspaper: “We’re here to counter the overwhelming racism and xenophobia that we’ve seen here the last few days.”

Steve Prime, an area resident said, “I’m just tired of our borders being overrun. We’re here being peaceful. I don’t like the language being used by the other side.”

“We are not racists or bigots. If you love the people on the bus, you should support us because we’re stopping the government from putting them out on the streets,” he said. “This is about resources, not race.” Cindy Klein, 55, of Long Beach, said the demonstrations against the arrival of the buses had nothing to do with the women and children aboard, but rather were about what their arrival represented.

“It’s not the people, I don’t know them, I can’t hate them,” she said. “I hate their actions, that they’ve broken the law.”

Demonstrators picket before the possible arrival of undocumented migrants who may be processed at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station in Murrieta, California

About 140 illegal immigrants were to arrive Friday at Lindbergh Field in San Diego by charter flight from Texas and then be sent for processing to Murrieta, a community of 105,000 along Interstate 15 in southern Riverside County.

Conservative talk radio station hosts in Los Angeles and San Diego were urging listeners to drive to Murrieta to protest, and Spanish-language radio station were urging counterprotests.

The media are calling acceptance of illegal immigration “humane” and refuse to use the word “illegal” when talking about “illegal immigrants.”

SF Gate made the illegal immigration into a political event instead of addressing the fact that it is illegal for people to invade by the tens of thousands. Their article was disgustingly slanted to favor illegal immigration.

CNN put it this way: “On a holiday marking the birth of a nation of immigrants, protesters and counterprotesters began a new round of angry demonstrations Friday in a California town that was scheduled to receive new busloads of migrants arrested for entering the country illegally. The small Southern California city of Murrieta, named after a Spaniard whose family set up a sheep ranch there in 1873, is now a national flashpoint in the U.S. immigration crisis…”

The media wants to feel good about themselves and they are willing to sell out citizens and legal residents in favor of everyone else in the world who thinks it is their right to invade our country. This isn’t about children. The children are  a diversion.

The buses attempting to enter Murrieta were filled with children and ALL were accompanied by adult family members. They were not alone. As I said, the children are a diversion.

The media is not a friend to freedom. I don’t know where they think the money is going to come from to pay for all of this.

What kind of president releases thousands of illegal criminals onto our streets and then tells Border Patrol to allow illegal gang members to enter the U.S.? Why doesn’t the president just shut the border as our laws demand?

We just aren’t a country any longer. We are a borderless state and our media is more than complicit with out lawless president. They foster invasions and leftist policies.


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