Muslim Brotherhood Operative Calls for Trump to Be Executed, Keeps on Tweeting


A known terrorist tied to al Qaeda is accused of murdering an Egyptian policeman but he is not in an Egyptian prison. Instead, he is in the United States, in South Florida, calling for the downfall of America and the execution of our President. His name is Nidal Sakr and he is a Muslim Brotherhood agent.

He’s the Chairman of the March for Justice and a dangerous subversive who has violated our laws by calling for the execution of the President.

Frontpage Magazine recorded his tweets:

On October 19th, from a location in Huntington Beach, California, Nidal Mohamed Sakr issued the following in a tweet about Donald Trump: “GET RID OF SOB. IMPEACH OR ELSE!!!!!” The next day, Sakr reiterated his threat with even more obscenity. He tweeted, “GET RID OF THE MF. IMPEACH OR ELSE!!!!!” Ten days later, on October 30th, Sakr dropped the warning and outright called for the death of President Trump. He tweeted, “EXECUTE SOB TRAITOR Donald Trump.” And the same day, he tweeted, “Donald Trump, You Are TOAST… I GUARANTEE IT.”

Sakr issued similar threats last September and July.

Why is he allowed to continue with these threats without being arrested? His account hasn’t been suspended on Twitter either. He also has a website,

Frontpage continues:

On December 6th, he tweeted, “Down with America!!!” On December 5th, he tweeted, “AMERICA MUST PAY FOR ELECTING / NOT SACKING POS SOB Donald Trump.” The same day, he tweeted, “ACTION ALERT WORLDWIDE!!! As you protest to shut down US embassies and expel Americans out of your country, Make sure to desecrate & burn a dummy of POS SOB Donald Trump. TEACH THE MF A LESSON!!!!”

Previously, in September, Sakr tweeted a graphic depicting Jerusalem, a Palestinian flag, and a hand gripping a bloodied knife with the description in Arabic, “Strike back and raise the flag above and across Jerusalem…

He’s U.S. born and of Palestinian origin according to him. He caused a lot of trouble while in Egypt during the Arab Spring and now we’ve got him.

He is still tweeting, his page has 19,000 followers and 15,000 likes, and, sadly, he votes. One can well imagine what party he supports.

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Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
6 years ago

And the Democratic party is cheering. Have you had enough my fellow citizens? What is he doing in the U.S.? How long will we stand for the B.S. of people like Mad Maxine and her ilk?? It is not about “racism, folks, wake up, it is about the overthrow of the U.S. Wake up. Rachel madcow and mornin Joe are agents of foreign powers. Wake up……….

Terry Schuckj
Terry Schuckj
6 years ago

Makes one wonder what our vaunted ‘intelligence’ agencies might be doing regarding this type of ‘free speech’.