Muslim Call to Prayer Seems to Be the Practice on the Publicly-Funded UCLA Campus – Update


Update: We checked this story and the Muslim Call to Prayer was chanted one-time only. It’s not practice.

Gateway Pundit posted the following video of the Muslim Call to Prayer or adhan which was sent out over loudspeakers on the UCLA campus. According to Gateway Pundit, who hat-tipped Avi, “this video was taken in front of the Student Activities Center on the north side of the UCLA campus near the athletic field off Sunset Boulevard. Friday’s Islamic call to prayer.” The Pundit said it’s the practice.

Wiki says the main purpose behind the multiple loud pronouncements of adhan in every mosque is to make available to everyone an easily intelligible summary of Islamic belief. It is intended to bring to the mind of every believer and non-believer the substance of Islamic beliefs, or its spiritual ideology.

A song is supposed to do that? Why is a publicly-funded college enticing students to a certain religion?

We can expect that Jews won’t be given any such consideration on campus. Anti-Semitism has been a problem on the UCLA campus.

three-year study (2010-2013) released last November and covering “Antisemitic Activity and Anti-Israel Bias At the Center for Near East Studies (CNES)” at UCLA, AMCHA Initiative researchers said they have found “CNES events disproportionately focused on Israel and the Israeli-Arab conflict, with 93% of events on Israel being anti-Israel, and 75% displaying antisemitic discourse.”

Federal funds were used to fuel anti-Semitic activities.

Last Fall, the student government at the University of California Los Angeles voted on an anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) resolution which targets the Jewish State. BDS targets Israel and Israel alone with false charges of war crimes and human rights abuses and rejects the idea of coexistence as a peaceful future between Israelis and Palestinians.

It was stopped for now.

Last May, The Campus Club wiped Israel off the map.

Israel map

According to Truth Revolt, this was done at UCLA’s World In-Sight fair which exposes UCLA students to the world’s diverse cultures. The maps were disseminated by the EAS – Empowered Arab Sisterhood. Students were asked to find all the Middle Eastern countries. There were 17 countries, including Palestine and excluding Israel.

Also last May, the campus branch of Students for Justice in Palestine tried to exclude students who have taken trips to Israel sponsored by certain Jewish-affiliated groups from voting in the undergraduate student government.

Is it coincidental that the college that blares out the Muslim Call to Prayer also has a problem with anti-Semitism?

The Muslim Call to Prayer is not acceptable on a publicly-funded college campus.

It’s PC gibberish.

Enough is enough. These are public places.

Are Christians going to sing out a psalm every week? Will Jews be allowed to do the same?

In the name of PC, we are being conquered and infiltrated at the same time.


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