Muslim doctor calls Omar an embarrassment & a radical pro-sharia Islamist


Dr. Qanta Ahmed

Democrat Ilhan Omar is a radical pro-sharia Islamist who’s an embarrassment to her fellow Muslims, says physician Qanta Ahmed who is a Muslim.

In a Fox News column, Dr. Ahmed blasted Omar’s “grotesque trivialization of a national tragedy” desecrating the memory of the nearly 3,000 people who tragically died on 9/11/01.

Ahmed, an opponent of CAIR, believes that Omar’s 9/11 denial suggests she harbors “covert Islamist sympathies.”

“Rep. Ilhan Omar continues to be an embarrassment and a disgrace for me and other American Muslims with her outrageous, ignorant, anti-Semitic and now anti-American comments.”

Omar demeaned the victims of 9/11 by saying “some people did something,” while at the same time making the event about [the imagined] backlash against Muslims.

Dr. Ahmed writes:

Omar’s grotesque trivialization of a national tragedy amounts to an explicit denial of 9/11 – a desecration of all the lives erased that awful day. This denial is inexplicable unless she has strong and covert Islamist sympathies.

Tragically, the Sept. 11 attacks continue to take a toll almost 18 years later…

..In her dismissal of Sept. 11, Omar callously erased the deep suffering of every survivor and family I attend, and everyone else still impacted by the terrorist attacks.

I thank God every day that I was able to immigrate to the United States of America, where I am now a proud citizen in a country I love and where I enjoy the blessings of American liberty and protection of my rights under the U.S. Constitution.

That is what Omar should have said, but she didn’t — deliberately. It’s how she thinks.

Omar is an ungrateful wretch, saved from a refugee camp and now earning nearly $200,000 a year to represent her (scary) district. Any criticism of her is unfairly labeled racist or an attack on her religion. Yet she can viciously slam anyone with no repercussions.


Jerrold Nadler, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee has no problem with what she said and must be okay with her anti-semitism as well.

By the way, the President didn’t attack Omar. He attacked her defiling of the 9/11 attack. Nadler reframed Omar’s remarks as just something said in passing as she talked about discrimination against Muslim Americans, claiming it was used as an excuse for discrimination. That’s the masterful manipulator rewriting history, using his casual tone and misdirection.

Omar does not like what the USA stands for and is here to break down what we stand for, whether it stems from radical Islamist views or just her socialist/communist political beliefs we can’t say. But we can say she is an anti-Semite who also attacks America, supports terrorists, and sides with Maduro. Those are facts.


As Dr. Ahmed said during a recent TV interview, equating Islamophobia with anti-Semitism is “diabolical.” [That is what Omar likes to do — conflate dissimilar things to make a lie palatable.]

Islamophobia is used to silence people, women throughout the world. It is unIslamic to not question Islam, Dr. Ahmed says.

And, yes, we will question Islam here if it’s radical, deceitful, and oppressive. God-fearing normal Muslims have our highest regard.

As Dr. Ahmed says, she is harming Muslims:

Sadly, Omar gives millions of Americans a false impression of what Islam is and what we Muslims believe and stand for. While she denounces prejudice against Muslims, her aberrant views on Islam fuel prejudice against me and my coreligionists by distorting who we are while defaming and dishonoring the great monotheism of Islam.

Omar now claims threats on her life have increased since the attacks over her 9/11 callousness. If it’s true, it’s wrong, but she lies constantly, pretends she’s the victim, and we don’t believe her. She is using that to portray herself as the victim.


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