Muslim Migrant Men Bring a Culture of Rape


Rohinga Migrant Women
Rohinga Migrant Women

There is a culture of rape that the Muslim male migrants and human smugglers bring with them as they travel across Europe.

The New York Times reported that among the more than one million migrants who have entered Europe over the past year, fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and beyond, men outnumber women by more than three to one, United Nations statistics show. “The men dominate, numerically and otherwise,” says Heike Rabe, a gender expert at the German Institute for Human Rights.

Interviews with those who deal with the new arrivals suggest the mass migration has been accompanied “by a surge of violence against women.”

Women are forced into marriages, sex trafficking and suffer domestic abuse. Women report “violence from fellow refugees, smugglers, male family members and even European police officers.” Statistics are not available but the situation is serious and widespread.

According to the Times, Susanne Höhne, the lead psychotherapist at a center in west Berlin specializing in treating traumatized female migrants, says that almost all of the 44 women in her care — some barely adults, some over 60 — have experienced sexual violence. ‘We go to our own therapists for supervision twice a month to cope with what we hear,” Ms. Höhne said about her 18 staff members. Together they provide two weekly therapy sessions to each woman and up to seven hours of social work, including home visits, to help them with adjusting to life in Germany.'”

In the overcrowded reception centers in Greece there aren’t separate spaces for single women, leaving them as prey for the men.

“Men, women and children sleep in the same areas,” a UN official said. Across Europe, he added, “cases of sexual violence and family violence have been reported to our staff in the field.”

Women are the last to eat, they stay in their rooms and are afraid to come out. Women dress as men to stay safe. One woman was forced by her husband to sell her body every night to pay for their passage. Afterwards, he began to abuse her because she dishonored the family by having forced sex with all those men each night.

Paying for transport with one’s body is common.

“Everybody knows there are two ways of paying the smugglers,” she said. “With money or with your body.”

Could Obama bring this here with his liberal migration policy?