Muslim Migrants Destroyed Germany; Would President Hillary Bring Them Here?



We found out from the WikiLeaks release of e-mails that Hillary Clinton told Goldman Sachs execs “she has ‘both a public and a private position’ on Wall Street reform.” We could conclude, therefore that there is a similar dichotomy about many, if not all of her positions.

Her public position on immigration is ominous enough. On her website, it says:

“Hillary will introduce comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to full and equal citizenship within her first 100 days in office.” That means all the illegals—and who knows how many we really have—will be able to vote (Democrat). That would spell the end of the Republican Party.

Just how far she’ll go is in the realm of her “private positions.”

It’s also been reported by Breitbart that Mrs. Clinton would raise the number of Syrian refugees admitted from 10,000 to 65,000 a year—in spite of FBI Director Comey’s testimony before Congress that they cannot be properly vetted, and ISIS’s stated intention to slip terrorists in with the refugees. Breitbart adds: “Once Clinton’s Syrian refugees are in the U.S. as green card holders, they will have the ability to bring over their family members through chain migration.”

Adding Syrian refugees to the annual number of Muslim immigrants, Breitbart calculates that Clinton would welcome 1 million Muslims to America during her first term. Of course, it could be much more.

How many Muslims she’ll actually admit is concealed in her “private position”: what would she really do, as president? Some clues can be gleaned from her campaign chair, John Podesta. He and Hillary Clinton, along with George Soros worked to found the far-left Center for American Progress (CAP) in 2003, and Podesta resides on its board today. quoted a Capital Research Center description of CAP… “as ‘an adjunct of the Democratic Party’ that ‘manufactures talking points, spins the daily news, and does opposition research’—essentially ‘a nonprofit public relations firm.’ Little, if anything, that CAP produces can be considered serious research.”

DTN declares that Hillary Clinton was “intimately involved in the formation of CAP,” and lists a host of former Clinton advisors and staffers working for CAP. So we can be reasonably certain that the positions of CAP are representative of Hillary Clinton’s true positions.

On April 15, 2016 CAP released a position paper titled “Learning from the Past and Accepting Refugees.” It noted that some 9 million Syrians have been displaced, and that “more than 1 million refugees traveled to Europe by sea in 2015.”

The paper bemoans the “conservative backlash” against receiving Syrian refugees in America, and falsely denies any “connection between the terrorist attacks in Paris and the “majority-Muslim refugees.”

Of the 1 million refugees who swamped Europe last year, most were not refugees at all, but people seeking better economic prospects, according to Frans Timmerman, vice-president of the European Commission, who cited new figures from the EU border agency Frontex. “More than half of the people now coming to Europe come from countries where … they have no reason whatsoever to ask for refugee status… more than half, 60 percent,” he told a Dutch national broadcaster on January 26, 2016.

“Learning from the past,” in the title of the CAP paper, refers to an odious comparison between the Syrian refugees—who present a clear danger because their ranks could be infiltrated by terrorists—and the Jews who tried to escape the Nazis after Kristallnacht, but were barred from America by restrictive immigration rules. It also invokes the tragic voyage of the St. Louis.

Breitbart reports Hillary Clinton using the same comparison here.

CAP decries the facts that “53 percent of Americans want the country to accept no Syrian refugees, while 11 percent would accept only Christian refugees, as reported by a Bloomberg poll; and that “a Quinnipiac University poll … also found that 58 percent of respondents felt that refugees posed a threat to U.S. national security.” Given that these polls were taken in the wake of the Paris attacks, these are reasonable attitudes.

But CAP insists on the torturous reasoning that “closing America’s doors to Syrian refugees gives power to the Islamic State, which can turn the anti-refugee sentiment into a recruitment tool for people shunned by countries that could provide security and safety but have refused to do so.” Then, it invents the concept that: “On the other hand, welcoming refugees both upholds American values and is good for national security.”

It’s logical to expect that, as president, Hillary Clinton would admit large numbers of Muslim refugees and/or migrants.

Among the WikiLeaks release of e-mails related to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, were three reports sent on February 21, 2016 to Podesta from an individual identified only as:—two months before CAP’s refugee paper was released.

Obviously written by a conservative, they describe the effects massive Muslim immigration has had on Europe—in particular on Germany. They also describe a leftist culture that destroys critics of its migrant policy.

The effects go beyond the issue of admitting terrorists: they reflect the consequences of admitting large numbers of migrants from an alien culture that believes women who are not covered are whores inviting rape; migrants that cannot and will not assimilate; people who are hostile to Western culture.

The most striking of the three was a detailed 5300-word report titled “Multikultistan: A House of Horrors for Ordinary Germans,” so you can immediately see the thrust of the report.

The writer by no means sugarcoats those effects. Here are some excerpts:

Muslim Immigration and Multicultural Madness have left a trail of misery and mayhem across Germany – with far worse to come because of demographics.

Muslims make up only 9% of Berlin’s population, yet account for 70% of young repeat criminals, revealed Berlin public prosecutor Roman Reusch.

Reusch said in Der Spiegel that “… immigrant children as young as six or seven years old turn to crime and grow up to see honest hard-working people as targets — walking sources of easy money.

German society is completely powerless in the face of growing ruthless violence and crime.

The German police admits [sic] that large immigrant areas of Berlin, Hamburg, the Ruhr Area, etc. have become police no-go areas, where criminals and extremists have free reign.

Whites are fleeing West Berlin to escape immigrant violence specifically targeting native Germans.

Groups of heavily armed young Turks and Arabs routinely beat white youngsters into pulp, especially their faces and teeth, while filming the whole episode for distribution among their mates.

Public-transportation workers, hospital staff, ambulance employees, firemen and police officers across the Continent suffer from unbelievable levels of violence, threats and verbal abuse from immigrants.

The victims are often on the bottom rungs of society – from supermarket staff to frail senior citizens, who have been intimidated, humiliated, robbed, beaten silly or stabbed with blood-curdling brutality in their own country.

Kirsten Heisig’s book When Patience Comes to an End details the visceral hatred many Muslims feel toward native Germans, who are subjected to a daily torrent of abuse and ethnic slurs… Even young Turkish women think nothing of calling native girls “German whores” and chanting that “Germans should be gassed,” she writes.

Perhaps mentally exhausted from her lone uphill battle against the Mighty Multikulti Mafia,.. Kirsten Heisig committed suicide in 2010. What will not have helped matters were the growing number of unbearably grisly cases she was facing on a daily basis, as well as the death threats and unimaginable invective directed at anyone foolish enough to speak out on the Immigration Disaster.

This video  displays an English-language text saying that many believe that the judge was murdered and goes on to show German news footage of her with English subtitles. Her book became a No. 1 bestseller in Germany and will spawn a movie.

The German Multikulti Terror State is an extremely dangerous place for the Politically Incorrect. To mention just four immigration critics, [juvenile court judge] Kirsten Heisig killed herself; Seyran Ateþ went into hiding after an attack in which no one lifted a finger to help her; Thilo Sarrazin will require body guards for the rest of his life; while Roman Reusch has been demoted and media-muzzled.

43% of gays in Berlin have experienced hate crimes perpetrated by Muslims in particular, while two thirds of Turkish high school students in Berlin display homophobia.

Yet another target group for young Muslim males consists of German girls. I am not only referring to the large number of white sex slaves once or still held by German Muslim pimps (the most conservative estimate for the Netherlands is 6,000), but also German girls and women in general. According to Muslim feminist Seyran Ateþ, … young Muslim men use the word Hure as an abusive term for German girls as a matter of course.

Der Spiegel reports that a staggering 50% of Berlin’s Turks live on the dole.

At one Berlin vocational high school visited by Spiegel TV Magazin reporters, up to 50% of immigrant students in some classes are unteachable, which may well be representative for Berlin.

In examining German immigration, you need to make a sharp distinction between the country’s Muslims (Turks, Arabs, etc.) and its non-Muslim immigrants (Poles, Greeks, Italians, Vietnamese, etc.). By and large, the second group appears to be faring well. As part of a thick smokescreen created around the Muslim Immigration Debacle, the German Left likes to lump all immigrants together.

We can only guess why Podesta would receive such a report. To gloat over the success of his fellow leftists in Europe? Maybe. The point is, he is fully aware of the consequence of mass Muslim migration into Western societies, yet CAP continues to disseminate its pro-refugee propaganda. The agenda of the far left is the destruction of Western society. There’s no further left than CAP and Hillary Clinton. Therefore, we have to expect that President Hillary will proceed with the same agenda as have the European leftists.


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