Muslim Rally to Protest ‘Terrorist’ Cops Day After Assault on Cops


Troublemaking CAIR is pushing a Philadelphia rally against police who allegedly make “terroristic or racist threats” against Muslims. This is a day after Philadelphia police engaged in an eight-hour shootout with a felon with a gun. Six officers were injured by the felon and three were injured by the mob.

“Join The Rally Against Terrorist Racist Phila. Police Officers,” reads a digital flier shared in a Facebook group for the Majlis Ash Shura of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.

“We will not tolerate those in service to us making terroristic and racist threats against Muslims or blacks on social media or elsewhere. We will not stand for this! Make our voices heard! All ages!”

There is no record of Philadelphia police making terroristic or racist threats against Muslims or blacks on social media. There is, however, a record of local officers posting allegedly “offensive” content to Facebook.

Thirteen officers are expected to be fired. That’s thirteen jerks exercising their free speech rights out of tens of thousands.

The rally is referencing Malcolm X as if they have the same situation and the same history. There are only dozens of them. While Malcolm X was a Muslim, he was descended from slaves and he experienced bigotry that Muslims are not experiencing.

It was a rally followed by a die-in. With so few people, it’s interesting that they got so much publicity.

It really is annoying to see other special interests try to claim the tortured history of U.S. Blacks. The US blacks are special and no one should appropriate their history. It’s not only not Muslim history but many who claim to be of their religion enslave people.

It’s also aggravating to see CAIR trying to stir up trouble against ‘terrorist’ cops after the police were only under assault for eight hours the day before. Nine NYPD officers killed themselves so far this year. They are treated badly in NY and it looks like the same abuse goes on in Philly.

This clip shows how the Philly police were treated yesterday after protecting the residents. How about a little appreciation.

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