Muslim Rapes Child in Sweden, Gets Two Months, Not Deported


A 19-year old Syrian named Mohammed raped a 13-year-old girl in a school restroom, both vaginally and anally. He was today sentenced to two months in prison. He also doesn’t get deported.

The rape took place on December 21st 2016. The verdict: The young man received two months in prison and probation.

The then allegedly 17-year-old man, who said he was over 18, pulled a 13 year old girl on one of the school’s toilets, locked the door and then raped her vaginally and anally.

His age was an issue. All evidence and records showed he was over 18 but he produced Syrian records showing he’s 18.

As a 17-year old, he was supposed to get 1/3 of an adult sentence, which is 10 months in prison and didn’t even get that — all because of his age.

He also said it was voluntary sex.

This is from a google translation: “He forced the plaintiff to withstand the sexual acts through violence, which consisted of him – even though she asked him to stop – pressing her against a wall, against her will, pulling off her clothes, bending her forward and stuck her hips”, it said in the indictment.

“Her injuries and conduct after the incident prove her story about intercourse in breach of her will,” writes Östersund District Court in the judgment.

The penalty is two months in prison and probation for child rape and sexual exploitation of children. He must also pay damages of SEK 25 000 to the girl.

The rapist she “might be subjected to ill-treatment” if she tells anyone about what happened.

“The threat was intended to give the plaintiffs cause serious fear for their own safety to person,” reads the indictment.

The court dismissed the charges of threatening the child.

The 18-year-old, or 19-year old depending on who you believe, was also charged for another rape just over a week before the school toilet incident. Also with an underage girl, a 14-year-old. Even in this case, he argued that it was voluntary. The District Court considered, however the incident as child sexual abuse instead of rape because the act is “characterized by a degree of reciprocity.”

Not only is he getting away with two rapes of children, he will spend his two months in this comfortable dorm-like prison. This is what the Swedish prisons are like.

You know what the solution is? Don’t let them in here because this is what liberal and leftist judges and lawyers think justice is. The pity the criminals, not the victims.

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