Muslim in Sweden Says 20% to 30% of Muslims Support ISIS


Reporter Tim Pool has been searching the reality of mass migration in Sweden and its relation to crime. Pool said many people in Sweden are labeled racist for talking about immigration and that stops political debate.

European no-go zones, which do exist, are simply areas where emergency services need police escorts. The right tends to exaggerate the dangers and the left ignores them but the question is should any country be suffering through any of this?

A couple who were interviewed by Pool, a Muslim man named Mohammed and his Swedish wife, said the radical Islamists have nothing to do with Islam — they are not religious, they’re criminals.

When the influx of Syrians came in, Mohammed, said about 80% of the ones he saw support ISIS.

The Syrians all went to Germany and Sweden for the benefits, he continued, adding that they don’t want to learn or study or work.

He agrees it is well known that Saudi Arabia stands with ISIS.

This particular immigrant, who is Lebanese, does not accept Israel and says Hezbollah will eventually take Israel back and it will become Palestine again.

Overall, he said, another 20% to 30% of Muslims support ISIS and it is possible that the youth could be indoctrinated. At the same time, he thinks Sweden is safe.

Mohammed was very clear, Muslims know who the enemy is — it’s Israel.

What Pool found is that crime is down overall but it is significantly higher in some areas. They had almost no crime in Sweden before so it seems worse than it is to Americans.

Sweden is the wrong place for Trump to highlight, he said. There are isolated incidents in Sweden, but going to Germany, Pool heard reporters say, it’s like the Wild West, and in France, they’ve had several terror attacks.

Malmo in particular seems safe according to the reporter and according to Mohammed. Stockholm has some dangerous areas.

Pool said people in Sweden are definitely holding back during interviews, however, and in some areas crime is going up, that’s the important thing. Even when it comes to politics, Swedes are afraid to say anything.

Pool went on to Rinkeby in Stockholm and had to leave the area.

In this video in Germany, radical Muslims can be heard chanting “Allahu Akbar” and “Jew, Jew, Coward Pig”.

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