Muslim Teen Gets Into Stanford After Writing BlackLivesMatter 100 Times


The politicization of college admissions has reached a new low in this case. Shallow activism works! Zaid’s not black but he paid proper deference by saying he’s not trying to “co-opt the movement”.

Ziad Ahmed says he got into Stanford after he wrote Black Lives Matter one hundred times on his application. However, he’s ignoring the obvious which is his name and his handle, “theActivist”.

The question he was responding to on the application was, “What matters to you, and why?”.

His Twitter page pays homage to the radical group and everything left-wing.

One of his tweets references a blog site,, in which the black woman running it says, he “has already been invited to the White House, worked on two presidential campaigns and created two youth organizations.”

He can be seen here at the Iftar dinner

“He is already making an impact on the world,” she opines.

The practicing Muslim senior high school student in New Jersey was left “stunned” when he was accepted.

The letter from the university officials read:

“Everyone who received your application was inspired by your passion, determination, accomplishments, and heart,” the acceptance letter read.

It added: “You are, quite simply, a fantastic match with Stanford. You will bring something original and extraordinary to our campus – a place where you can learn, grow, and thrive.”

This internship didn’t hurt.

If he had written, “Make America Great Again” one hundred times, would he have been granted admission?

It is also disturbing that activist Muslims are using the cause of blacks to further their cause — sharia law.

Listen to the gibberish yourself.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 years ago

He could have written ” I hate Trump” 100 times or better yet ” I hate white people” or ” I hate the USA” and he would have been accepted even faster.

Those liberals are not sane people.

blacklivesmatter was built on something that does not even exist in the real world, there is no epidemic of police officers shooting blacks simply because their skin is black, as you know the opposite is true; there is a epidemic of blacks murdering other blacks, statistics show at least 96 % of blacks die at the hand of other blacks

blacklivesmatter is a complete scam yet the entire main stream media support this scam and hundreds of millions of liberals ( in the USA, Canada, England, France etc etc ) are convinced police officers shoot a large number of innocent blacks simply because of their race.

it is like half the planet have lost their minds ( the liberal half )

Educated people with high IQ – such as university professors – should know better but they are the most brainwashed of the bunch.

it is as if all those people had lost their mind or had been hypnothised and they believe in things that do not exist in the real world.

Facts and logical arguments are like rain drops on an umbrella with those people.

we can show them how many blacks murder each other compared to the microscopic number of times a white police officer shoots a black, and show them that in MOST cases that black was violent, had a criminal record, assaulted the police officer. it is useless…those liberals can not be made to snap out of their hypnothized state

they believe things that are not true, that do not exist and nothing will change their mind

they are willing to sue us, even to beat us up because we refuse to admit something that does not exist does exist.

liberals are not sane people

almost everything they believe in is the opposite of reality

liberals are not sane people

Jan Williams
Jan Williams
6 years ago

Tell us about ! Most despicable people ever !