Muslims Chase Hundreds of British Cops Through the Streets‏


There aren’t any no-go zones, the police just get chased out if they go in.


by Alan Bergstein

Apparently It’s happening all over in England.

In the following video, you will be horrified to see hundreds of British cops in full retreat, being chased, taunted, beaten and humiliated by a well organized group of Muslim thugs.. There is no sign of any training in crowd control on the police’s part. They appear in disarray and in a bit of a panic. They are running for their lives. There is no fear on the part of the menacing crowd. No concern of being hit with tear gas, clubs or rubber bullets.

“Free, Free Palestine!,” “F-cking cowards,” and the usual, “Allahu Akhbar!” are the chants of the Muslim rioters.

Videos like this are all over the internet and give moral support to Muslims in this country who are organizing, using black issues such as Ferguson and Staten Island to recruit “soldiers” for their upcoming civil war. And don’t think it’s not coming. These are training type videos for them.

Has deBlasio ordered his police to retreat in the face of Muslim mobs? He is the weakest link in the lineup of major city mayors. Are the members of the NYPD aware of what’s happening in Britain? Has any journalist asked deBlasio or NYPD Commissioner Bratton if they are prepared for such an onslaught in the city’s streets?

via LiveLeak

In the video on this link, we have Wolf Blitzer doubting Bobby Jindal’s statement that there are “no go” zones in Britain.

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6 years ago

For anyone interested in fact rather than propaganda, this video claiming to show police in ‘full retreat’ as Muslims ‘chase’ them out of one of their ‘No Go zones’ in London shows nothing of the sort. This footage was taken in January 2009 in an organised (and authorised by the Met Police) Free Palestine march in London. It was not in any ‘no go’ area and the police are not being ‘chased’ anywhere, they are not ‘running for their lives’ and where in the video is any police officer ‘beaten’?!! The truth is that they are leading the way at the head of the march to ensure that the correct route is kept to. This is usual procedure for any organised march or protest in London. If you actually LISTEN to the video (at around 1:43) , you will hear one protester ask another ‘Do you know the way?’ and he replies ‘Just follow the police’. This is what they were doing – following the police not chasing them! Apart from a few scuffles outside the Israeli Embassy, the protest was very peaceful, largely thanks to the way it was handled by the Met Police. Will you publish this comment I wonder??

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