Muslims Demand NYPD Terrorism Report and Surveillance Records Be Expunged


Radical Muslims and the radical, PC politicians who support them want the NYPD terrorism report expunged along with all surveillance records of Muslim communities where terrorism gives rise. Commissioner Bill Bratton has already ended intelligence-gathering.

Only radicals would demand the NYPD operate without surveillance information. Terrorists don’t operate in the open, the threats overwhelmingly come from the Muslim community, and terrorists have consistently resided in Muslim communities and attended Mosques.

Our leaders are trying to force Americans into buying into a lie that it isn’t Islamic terrorism, it’s just terrorism.

The NY Post reported that the 92-page NYPD terrorism report might be removed to settle federal lawsuits against the NYPD for monitoring mosques under Commissioner Ray Kelly.

The NYPD report has already been reworded because of threats and demands by Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups.

We now have Obama, Holder and de Blasio talking about removing it from the public eye completely.

The lie the radicals are selling is that it is “religious profiling” and discriminates against Muslims.

The truth shouldn’t be told because PCers believe it might be profiling if it involves radical Muslims.

The NYPD says removing the report comes at the worst time as we face mounting terror attacks. It will send the message that the NYPD will back down on counterterrorism efforts in the name of PC.

The NYPD report is allegedly a sticking point in the settlement negotiations.

Also, the radical Muslims and leftists are demanding that the NYPD stop all ongoing surveillance in the Muslim community and all records of prior monitoring be expunged.

They want this as countless jihadists have stated their intention to attack the United States. It is at a time when al Qaeda’s magazine, Inspire, is teaching wannabe jihadists how to make bombs and what soft targets to hit in the United States and Europe.

Remember lone terrorist Zale Thompson who recently axed a New York City officer who is still struggling to recover?


Among the report’s warnings:

  • “The majority of radical individuals began as ‘unremarkable’. They didn’t stick out.
  • Most terrorist wannabes are educated male Muslims between ages 18 and 35, local residents, second- or third-generation with roots in the Middle East or South Asia, and from middle-class families.
  • “The Internet is a driver and educator for wannabes.
  • Recent converts to Islam can be the most radical.
  • Potential jihadists flock to mosques as their religious beliefs deepen, then withdraw from them when “the individual’s level of extremism surpasses that of the mosque.”
  • Once a person is radicalized, an attack can happen very quickly. “While the other phases of radicalization may take place gradually, over two to three years, this jihadization component can be a very rapid process, taking only a few months, or even weeks.”

Under former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the report served as a blueprint for the NYPD’s “demographic unit,” which sent plainclothes detectives into Muslim cafes, stores and mosques to detect potential terrorists.

The AP originally exposed the initiative and Muslim groups followed up by filing two lawsuits in Brooklyn federal court claiming the surveillance was unwarranted and puts all Muslims under suspicion.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has already disbanded the intelligence-gathering unit.

A spokesman for the city Law Department said, “Discussions are ongoing, and nothing is final.”

Victims of 9-11 families have responded with fury.

Retired NYPD Sgt. Al Regenhard, whose firefighter son, Christian, was killed at the World Trade Center, said removing the report from the city’s Web site would amount to the same sort of “political correctness and pandering” that he says led to his son’s death.

“With the rest of the Western world in crisis mode, this is the time to protect the people of New York City,” he said. “It is time for the de Blasio administration to stop the war against NYPD and step up the war on terrorism before it is too late.”

Read the report now while you can: Report: PDF: Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat – NYPD …

NYPD Report-Radicalization in the West by Maureen Dowling


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