Muslims Take Over Streets in New York City for Call to Prayer Protest


Without a permit, thousands of Muslims took over streets of New York City for the call to prayer. Allahu Akbar rang through the streets. The mainstream media isn’t reporting this. This was in support of Standing Rock and against the so-called “Muslim ban” that isn’t a Muslim ban.

Communist mayor de Blasio did nothing about it.

This is not the first time this has taken place.

The mosque in East New York is, according to neighbors, much too noisy. Read more on this link.

This next guy has a point, why are we concentrating on Islamic extremism instead of Amish extremism or those radical Little Sisters of the Poor that Obama was after.

This photo is from a 2015 call to prayer in Spanish Harlem which is changing hands.

A historical perspective.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
7 years ago

If stuff like that was on the 6 o’clock news and was front page news (as it should be, it is relevant information ), very few people would be pro-immigration.

Much less people would vote left/liberal/democrat

but that is the thing, people don’t know because the main stream media does not want people to know these things.

the main stream media as it is now and has been since roughly the 1970s should be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up. It is rotten to the core and is so far from neutral, it boggles the mind how can anyone claim the main stream media is not working for the left.

The main stream media is the proaganda arm, it is the endoctrination , the brainwashing department of the left/liberal/democrats.

News on Trump are 99 % negative, and were about as negative for Bush, Reagan, Nixon…and News about Obama were almost 100% positive news,

it is almost mathematically impossible that a President only does good things every second of the day for 8 years as the media had us believe about Obama and it is almost mathmatically impossible that a man does only bad things every second of the day as the media wants us to believe about Trump.

there has to be times when Obama was bad and Trump is good.

just like it can not rain every day or be sunny every day

yet the media presents things exactly this way; only bad news about the right, only good news about the left.

the media is a joke….there are more fake things on the news than in a magician show.

the media is a pathological liar lying machine.

A back street drug pusher is more trustworthy than the main stream media.

and I am not even kidding.

I hope Trump will – figuratively – kick their teeth in!!

I despise the lying main stream media.

I see people I care about who are so brainwashed they do not even know they are brainwashed

they believe the silliest things, they are like zombies, they seem to have no brains.

whatever the media tells them is their opinion, they make it their opinion and get angry at you if you try to educate them on what is the complete story ( like muslims blocking streets without a permit and if you did that you or me – a non-muslim – we’d be in jail )

the main stream media is rotten to the core, it should be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.