Must Watch Nunes Clip Might Show Vindman & Schiff as Liars


Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman snapped at ranking Rep. Devin Nunes after he referred to him as “Mr. Vindman.” He corrected him and told him he was “Lt. Col.”

He did serve his country and we honor his service, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a slug in this situation. This man revealed things that did not need to be revealed. He’s pulling the military card and one of the Democrats made a point of it to insinuate he can’t be criticized since he has served. No one is going to him for policy issues, he’s a clerk, does schedules.

We also found out today that he might have spoken with the whistleblower which makes him a perjurer. He said in last month’s testimony that he did not speak with the whistleblower and does not know who the whistleblower is. It looks like Schiff lied to.

Mr. Vindman has never spoken with the President, as he admitted, and he is repeating gossip and his feelings about the President’s foreign policy.


Lt. Col. Vindman admitted that he spoke to an unnamed individual in the intelligence community about Trump’s classified July 25 call.

Nunes tried to ask what department the person was in since the whistleblower is in the CIA. Schiff immediately stepped in to “protect the whistleblower,” [Eric Chiaramella].

Basically, it looks like Rep. Schiff just essentially confirmed the person Vindman leaked to is the whistleblower.

It seems pretty important to establish whether Vindman was a source for the whistleblower, especially since Democrats are holding Vindman out as independent corroboration of the whistleblower. This is circular reporting like that which took place during the Steele dossier.

That has been the suspicion.

Why did Schiff jump in when Vindman spoke about someone in intel if he claims he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is? There is a lie in here somewhere.

If Adam Schiff and Mr. Vindman, the Army Official, don’t know who the “whistleblower” is, how would they know that naming the one person Vindman spoke to in the intelligence community would out the “whistleblower.” [Eric Chiaramella]


U.S. Army Official Vindman also confirms during the impeachment hearings that Ukrainian officials offered him the job of defense minister on multiple occasions.

Yet, Alexander Vindman, who is supposedly an expert on Ukraine, lacked even basic knowledge about U.S. actions inside the country. How did he get his job? There are 400 or 500 people in the NSC swamp — they need to go.


The transcript, which Democrats didn’t expect the President to release, is accurate according to Vindman and Williams.

Jennifer Williams said the transcript is essentially correct:

There was no pressure and Vindman should not have leaked the conversation:

Both were asked if they used the word ‘bribery’ to describe the President’s behavior and they said, ‘no,’ unequivocally.

Why did Democrats go from quid pro quo to extortion to bribery, Rep. Ratcliffe asked. He answered it — it’s polling. The Washington Times polled Americans and found ‘polling’ went over better so Democrats went with that. There is no crime and there is zero evidence of bribery except for the Bidens. The crime is a moving target that Democrats won’t name definitively.


As the NY Times reported, “no one believes anything” [and they shouldn’t]. This entire impeachment “inquiry” is a sad fiasco.

Vindman never met the President or Rudy Giuliani but all he did was call them liars or incompetents or something based on gossip.

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