My Annual Awards!


by John Smyth


“The Hypocrite of the Year Award”

There is no one more revered by the movie-going public than the Sundance Kid himself, Robert Redford. His political activism and his involvement in every ecological issue has made him the darling of every progressive on the planet. Unfortunately, he conveniently forgets his personal ideology when his own money is at stake and no one is looking.

When he sold his huge stake in The Sundance Channel, New York State demanded $1.6 million dollars in taxes.

Welcome to our world. Mr. Redford.

He refused to pay it, saying that even though his company’s headquarters are in New York City, he lives elsewhere and therefore should not be taxed.

Amazing isn’t it?

When corporations move their corporate headquarters overseas to avoid taxes, Mr Redford criticizes them. When the Tea Party called for lower corporate and individual tax rates, Mr Redford and his friends called them unpatriotic. Hypocrisy? You better believe it!!


“The Most Politically Insensitive Man of the Year Award” this year goes to an entire group of Hampton neighbors

Sister Jacqueline Walsh was killed by a hit and run driver – an illegal immigrant – as she walked near The Sisters of Mercy convent on Rose Hill Road in July 2012. To memorialize this wonderful nun, the wealthy Hampton community of Water Mill renamed the street “Sister Jackie’s Way”. Before you applaud this truly altruistic gesture, wait till you hear how Mr. John Carley reacted to this memorial.

The wealthy husband of Pia Lindstrom got together with some of his neighbors, and they are suing to have the sign removed! They want to force the street to revert back to its original name, Rose Hill Road.Why ?? Please sit down first before you read their reasoning. It’s because, “they are tired of repeating her depressing tale to guests visiting their waterfront mansions.”

There was no one even a close second to this group of contestants.


“The Spoiled Rotten Kid of the Year Award”

Dr. Tara Allmen is a prominent Manhattan Gynecologist and TV personality who gave a new meaning to the description, “rich, spoiled, and obnoxious”. 
But before I tell you what this Manhattan elitist actually did to deserve this award, I must tell you about the most decadent purchase anyone can ever make. It’s not a new Porsche, a gold Rolex, or another waterfront mansion. It’s a woman’s pocketbook. Shall I repeat that ? It’s not just any pocketbook. It’s a Hermes Burkin Bag.

Now get this one! Not only does a new one sell for $20,000, (that’s not a misprint!) but Hermes makes you wait years to get one. Imagine, a waiting list made up of only their “favorite” customers!

Now back to this down-to-earth, plain-and-simple doctor. Thinking she was buying a slightly used but real Burkin bag at a trendy Hampton boutique, she coughed up the “bargain” price of only $ 3,400 for a USED one.

Imagine her surprise when Hermes in NYC, refused to repair it because it was a fake.

The poor little rich girl did what any spoiled teenager does. She screamed and yelled, threatened the owner, and then when that didn’t work, her attorney filed a lawsuit against the shop where she bought it. Her rich East End friends even publicized her “plight” in every New York City tabloid, even though the shop claimed to have tried to return her money. Do you relate to her extravagant problems? I don’t!


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