My Day With the Socialists


I’m exhausted. Spending a day with Socialists at the Pace University conference was a most tiring experience. Socialists are absolutely joyless. If they have a sense of humor, I saw no sign of it today. I sat through workshops without any audio-visual aids, no interesting anecdotes, and crazed rhetoric about our horrible Imperialistic country.

They zapped me of my energy in one day. I don’t think they are going to get many new followers because they have nothing to offer except misery sprinkled with a fair amount of hate for everyone and I do mean everyone.

They hate Obama. Before you get excited though, don’t think for a New York minute that they will vote anything but Democratic. They hate Republicans more than Obama and Tea Party people more than them. They see Republicans as anti-establishment and dangerous but Socialists are normal and what America should embrace.

Their choice in a presidential election would be the Green Party candidate if they could find a way to corrupt the vote enough to get her elected.

If you embrace them, you will embrace real hate for your country and your government. Everyone but them, according to them, hates gays, Hispanics, Muslims, government, youth, women, education, healthcare, the elderly, and whatever other group you can think of.

I have been to Tea Party rallies and never met one person who expressed hate for any of these people but the Socialists I met today did frighten me because of what they can do to our country if left unchecked.

Speaking of Muslims. There were a good number of Muslims at the conference and going to classes at Pace. Perhaps this university accepts a lot of students from the mid-East. What are we teaching them? We are teaching them to be Socialists. Great idea! Now they can learn that in addition to theocracy.

My guess is Muslims are thinking of ways to infiltrate these naive leftists. My money is on the Muslims.

Remember when Ray LaHood’s son was arrested in Egypt? He was an NGO – non-governmental worker. NGO’s are the new evangelists of Socialism, proselytizing the “real democracy creed” throughout the world. They are preaching to people in foreign lands about the benefits of true democracy – Socialism – and they are doing it with taxpayer money. I don’t blame Egypt for kicking them in their royal butts.

Marx and Lenin are beloved. Ralph Nader is beloved. Their admiration for Mao, Che, and Stalin were expressed. They love the new VP of Venezuela who is a Hugo Chavez clone and who was speaking in the evening. That man and his wife were dressed to the nines thanks to the money from his impoverished populace. Students were thrilled just to see him walk by.

Most beloved of all was the incredibly boring Noam Chomsky.

I had to read Chomsky and do papers about his philosophy and linguistics in college. His books are boring and he’s boring as a speaker. If you have insomnia, I will be glad to send the audio tape of his speech which is guaranteed to render you unconscious in minutes.

Chomsky blames America for every problem and has not one good thing to say about the country that has afforded him a very nice existence. He’s waiting for the climactic and economic Apocalypse which we of course are responsible for.

Chomsky is disturbed that Capitalism is destroying the wonderful European entitlement state. Europe is Socialist – Democratic Socialist – and it is far more likely that their entitlement state is their ruination. Chomsky thinks well of Greece’s government to give you an idea of what an old fool he is.

He mocked those on the right who think Shariah law is a threat or that the UN might take us over. The UN might not take us over, but we are adopting the UN’s Socialist ideals through Common Core and through our adoption of globalism.

As we entered one elevator, a person inside said, come on in all you Communists, Socialists, and Democratic Socialists. Perhaps I should have added, “and Republicans!”

Don’t take this conference lightly. What went on at Pace today is going on at every university in New York City – Columbia, NYU, all the name schools. We are teaching these ideologies to our youth. The universities are filled with radical teachers.

The youth blame America for their inability to get jobs and for their exorbitant school loans. They want the Warren Act passed because it will guarantee them a .075% interest rate. Why bother with that rate? Let’s loan it to them for free though I have no idea where the money will come from.

student aid Photo of the free pass the students want on student aid

We missed one workshop on what one speaker believes is a travesty – giving tax dollars to companies who hire Vets. The conference speaker took off as we entered and didn’t tell us she wasn’t coming back. We sat around for 15 minutes before we realized she was not coming back.

We met a woman outside the room who went into a rant about how people are losing their jobs for military personnel – how terrible, can you imagine? Never mind that these same service people would risk their lives for her sorry ass.

One old commie geezer started ranting about the “moderate” Obama as we got into another elevator and then went into a worse tirade over Hillary. You see, the problem is that they are not imposing instant Communism. Why wasn’t healthcare single payer from the beginning after all? What about Hillary not being enough of a globalist, he opined.

This conference was run by Anarchists, Socialists, Communists, and Democratic Socialists. They don’t like each other but recognize there is strength in numbers and their shared goal is the same – a Socialist America. I’m not making this up. This is what speakers said. We have it all on tape.

Republicans better stop pussy-footing around. If they think that they will ever win any of these people over, they’re nuts. The GOP needs to start getting more aggressive and they’d better do it soon. Trying to appease or charm certain groups is a losing strategy.

They need to stand by their principles, behave principally, and make those principals appealing to their base and Independents.

Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz all get it. The wacko birds are the ones who think they can appease and win. The far-left wants to overthrow Capitalism and the government we now have.

I’m now going to read the children’s Alphabet book I bought today at their Capitalist book store of Marxist-Leninist-Anarchist dribble. My favorite section in this Anarchist book is “T is for train hopping” and “U is for unschooling.” All the children in the book are riding around on bikes in masks and wearing black attire. I’m surprised they didn’t have them smoking bongs. The book is a primer.

We’re in big trouble America.


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