My Pillow founder Mike Lindell stops ads on Fox News


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell will stop placing ads on Fox News after a reported disagreement over a commercial promoting an event linked to his claims of voter fraud, The Hill reports.

Lindell, one of the network’s largest advertising customers in recent years, wanted to place an ad promoting a cyber symposium that he is scheduled to live stream next month, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The CEO told the Journal the commercial would not have specifically mentioned claims of election fraud, but he also reportedly said the symposium would back up former President Trump’s claims of a stolen election.

That’s a lie. He never mentioned the election claims, Deadline reports. Jack Posobiec reported, “Just watched the Mike Lindell ad that Fox refused to play. Media is lying. He makes NO CLAIMS about the election in it. It is a promo for his event, and includes a spot for FrankSpeech. That’s it. ”

Fox News confirmed in a statement to The Hill on Thursday evening that MyPillow would “pause” its ads on the network.

“It’s unfortunate Mr. Lindell has chosen to pause his commercial time on FOX News given the level of success he’s experienced in building his brand through advertising on the number one cable news network,” a Fox spokesperson said.

Mr. Lindell finds some things more important than money.

Since Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, Lindell has been one of the most prominent backers of the former president’s claims that widespread electoral fraud led to a “rigged” election that swayed it in President Biden’s favor.

There definitely is a lot of fraud in mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting which went wildly out of control in 2020. Some states, swing states among them, changed election laws at the last minute to favor Joe Biden. Let’s not forget Zuckerberg’s money and the Twitter/FB censorship nor the search features steering everyone to their narrative.

That’s provable.

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1 year ago

I was screwed by My Pillow twice in a row. It was finally resolved after a ton of phone calls.

1 year ago

Never fear! Fox News will fill those ad slots with inane plugs for Jesse Waters’ book, Greg Gutfeld’s book, Mark Levin’s book, Hannity’s book, and Janice Dean’s book.

Highway 9 Sector 26
Highway 9 Sector 26
1 year ago

This just in from Rupert Molloch…F’ Him.
Shawna Vanity came out in favor of the kill shot err vax and Don ReSantis as well.
Trust no one.

1 year ago

Mike needs to switch those ads to Newsmax and OAN and other publications such as the Independent Sentinel. No true conservative watches Fox anyway. All conservatives need to buy and urge all they know and influence to buy My Pillow products. Not only are they high quality, and the best I’ve ever experienced, but the money he makes keeps him immune from the ChiCom efforts to shut him down and shut him up.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago
Reply to  jpacord

Yes. Boycott Faux