It Was 1967 and My Co-Worker Was a Terrorist


by M. McCormack

When I was nineteen, I worked for Pan American Airways as a ground hostess. Quite a number of my colleagues were Muslims because we had flights to Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and other countries with Muslim populations. Almost all were very fine people and many weren’t ultra strict adherents to their religion, but that wasn’t all of them.

One of my colleagues, who was teamed up with me often, was a 32-year old Lebanese man who seemed perfectly normal until you spoke with him in depth. He wasn’t shy about his hatred for Americans.

One day he looked across the terminal and spotted some beautiful young women in mini skirts and let out a barage of insults, including, “all American women are dirty whores, tramps, who sleep with anyone.”

Excuse me, I said, “I resent that. I’m not a dirty whore.”

He responded by saying, “Sorry, you’re a rare exception.”

He told me his hatred for Americans and added that he had killed Americans. I assumed he meant soldiers but don’t know for sure and don’t know if he was telling the truth. I asked him why he took American money and worked for an American company and he said we “owed it to him.”

Shortly after, he transferred back to Beirut but before he left, he said he was going back to join the fight, presumably against Americans. Lebanon now is victimized horrifically by radical Islamists themselves.

I’d say he was a blowhard but he wasn’t and I believed him. It was before homegrown terrorism. That was in 1967.

Years later, after 9/11, I worked on Long Island as a teacher. Some of my students attended a mosque nearby. It had been raided more than once and had some loose connections to 9/11 and the Christmas Day bombing. The mother of the boys would come in dressed in a full burqa with her face covered. Her husband drove her but wouldn’t come into the school. He wore a long, white robe. They had been in the country for ten years and assimilation didn’t seem to be happening. The boys were nice but did not associate with their classmates.

The mosque added a school and I never saw them again though I do see the burqa-clad women being driven to Walmarts and other stores.

We now have four mosques within a short distance of each other. One is run by a doctor who wants to build one with turrets. He currently operates out of a big, older home.

One of my doctors – a woman – has put in a formal complaint because of the terrible way he treats women doctors and nurses. He goes beyond condescension, she said.

The moral of this story is I just don’t know what to make of our new immigrants and I would like them screened thoroughly before they come into the country. If they can’t be screened, then they shouldn’t be admitted. I also wonder why Obama doesn’t let Christians in and why he is deporting the ones who came across the border. It is said that it it because they aren’t being tortured and killed by a state. Obama doesn’t recognize IS as a state and he seems to be making the most of the technicality which he could easily override given his penchant for ignoring laws.


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