My Strange Hour Spent With a Communist Conspiracy clips


The Democrats complain about the Tea Party and describe them as vile racists to whom establishment Republicans cater. None of that is true. They are just ordinary, traditional Americans. The equivalent to the far-left Democrats – Socialists and Communists – are the neo-Nazis but the difference is the Democrats listen to their extremes and the Republicans don’t.

The far-left held their Left Forum conference this past weekend and the one thing that stood out was the fact that they live in an alternative universe and engage in extensive rumor mongering and conspiracy theorizing.

Nothing in their world corresponds to the reality of most of America. They see conspiracy theories everywhere and are paranoid about people with whom they disagree.

Like Barack Obama, they believe they live in a democracy and that Republicans are neo-Fascists who want “perpetual rule” and a “permanent dynasty.” The speaker in the audio clip below made the claim.

The right-wing is stealing their democracy through voter fraud, they believe, because there is no other way Republicans could win elections. Their evidence, at least at this conference, was based on connecting the dots from one conspiracy theory or baseless story to another.

The right-wing are criminals for fighting wars, particularly in the Middle East, they believe. Americans deserve to be killed. The terrorists have said this is why they do what they do and the leftists believe them.

Republicans are neo-Fascists in their minds.

The following are clips from one speaker, a mathematician, who went on for an hour with conspiracy theories and paranoid ramblings about the right-wing. He authored two books, one is called Code Red. He encapsulated the views of many in his presentation.

There was an overflow crowd at one workshop I couldn’t get into. I took the flyers and their big message was about “Making Wall Street Pay. They blame Wall Street – solely – for the economic depression and want to tax them, starting with a 1% sales tax which Obama has also flirted with.

They claim Wall Street isn’t taxed and seem unaware that average men and women comprise most of Wall Street. Their unions rely on profits from Wall Street.

They want to “redirect their credit flows to productive investment by imposing a tax at the point of sale. Proposed under various names (Robin Hood tax, Tobin tax, financial transactions tax), such taxes are already collected in Italy. [now there’s a financial role model for us.], Japan [another financially troubled country], and other industrialized countries. A 1% Wall Street Sales Tax will generate the revenue we need and suppress predatory speculation.”

President Obama tried to get the 1% tax passed in 2013. It just won’t die despite the fact that it’s not a tax on the rich, but on everyone.

Barack Obama is in agreement with the far-left on almost every issue. The only thing that is uncertain is to what degree – though we appear to be finding out now.

They believe this tax will somehow restore 30 million good jobs. They also want 15% protective tariffs, wage and price controls, and at least $15 minimum wages to start. They demand the Feds be nationalized. They demand everything be nationalized and Obama seems to be trying to oblige them though it’s not fast enough for them.

Also an issue at this workshop was building militancy among the working class, seeking wage reforms – eventually abolishing wages [the government would get all the money and dole it out], and getting the Democratic masses to work in better autonomy with the revolutionaries.

They believe they can end exploitation of the worker with a fully nationalized government.

The abolition of wages, they say, will lead to the abolition of classes. They seek the overthrow of capitalism and the rich which takes in the middle class.

They fear any cuts to the budget and all are considered austerity.

The main speaker at the evening was Kshama Sawant, the Seattle City Socialist, who seeks a “people’s budget” and hopes to substitute Columbus Day with “Indigenous People Day.” Some of her speeches can be found on youtube.

Police brutality, income inequality, environmental extremism, more free housing, more welfare, government regulated wages and prices, freebies for selected groups, and more, are issues in their crosshairs.

There was a time when Americans didn’t allow people to preach the overthrow of the government but if you go to the Left Forum and look up the speakers on the panels, you will find a frightening number of Professors.They are boldly and openly demanding the overthrow of capitalism.



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