Mysterious Mandalay Security Guard Bolts, Has Been Gagged


Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos was booked for five interviews Thursday night, all pertaining to the horrific Las Vegas shooting, but he reportedly cancelled at the last minute.

According to Fox News, Campos’ whereabouts are still currently unknown.

ABC News journalist Stephanie Wash was set to interview Mr. Campos but they came out and he was gone. She too says no one knows where he is.

Investigative reporter Laura Loomer livestreamed a video Thursday night, where she can be seen attempting to contact Campos at his home. She found no media, just an armed security guard patrolling.

The armed guard has an insignia for his alleged employer, OnScene. It appears to be a fake security company. The company has an expired licensed and sports a virtual site. The guard appears to be tied to the Department of Defense from Loomer’s investigation. The vehicle in front of Campos’ house is unmarked.

Ms. Loomer has been to the house twice but can’t get answers.

She later confirmed the family is under a gag order. If true, why?

The maintenance engineer has given at least one interview. He was allegedly on the 32nd floor with Mr. Campos and credited him with saving his life. Is that true?

Ms. Loomer has also been unable to find any record of a registered security guard named Jesus Campos — no one else in the media has has bothered looking. They are not curious — remarkably so for reporters.

Laura Loomer was barred from the last presser, most likely because she is outspoken and offended the Sheriff who doesn’t want to be accused of lying or he is hiding something. It was Ms. Loomer who found out the killer in Vegas registered on the 25th, not the 28th, and that the timeline put out was inaccurate. She has also been able to track down more information on the mystery security guard than anyone else has, but, like I said, no one seems interested.

She does think that the photo on the website for the SPFPA (the union for security guards) was photoshopped. Why would they? Is he illegal, unregistered, not a guard? A registration can’t be found in his name.

She makes the case for the photoshop – look at the photos in the tweet.

This next tweet was added Monday, October 16th.

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