Mysterious Ms. Blasey, From Romantic Triangle to Plotting Against a Judge


The Washington Times wrote about the young Christine Blasey [Ford], known as Chrissy Blasey in the early 1980s. She is the woman who accused Judge Kavanaugh of assaulting her when they were both teens.

Young Chrissy attended the posh all-girls private high school — Horton Arms — and spent her summers basking in the wild nightlife of the Eastern Shore resort town of Dewey Beach, Delaware.

Longtime residents of Dewey Beach remember her nights waitressing at the Waterfront, a raucous bayside bar in the 1980s.

“Things that would be considered out of hand today was OK back then. Things have changed,” said a man who encountered Ms. Blasey Ford during those years, speaking to The Washington Times on the condition of anonymity. “That was the yuppie period of time, and Dewey Beach was a yuppie town, and weekend warriors were coming down from D.C. It was their Vegas.” Ms. Blasey Ford was a popular figure on the Dewey Beach bar scene.

She once got caught in a romantic triangle that culminated with the two men getting into a fistfight over her, according to people familiar with the incident.


Chrissy is now trying to take down a Supreme Court nominee with a 36-year old allegation with no evidence. She said she will testify but for the privilege of hearing her bash Judge Kavanaugh, the Senate will have to alter rules, one of which is an 800-year-old rule requiring the accuser to testify first. She also won’t face the judge. She won’t give him the opportunity to face his accuser. That too goes against our system of justice.

Ms. Blasey and her comrades want to turn our justice system upside down.

Along with her unreasonable demands, which are non-starters, she said she couldn’t possibly make it before Thursday.

As it happens, her lawyers know the rules require Grassley to give one-week notice for a hearing. Senator Grassley might have to delay again. The confirmation hearing scheduled for Wednesday would have to be delayed.

Her latest absurd story is she doesn’t want to fly in! She wants to make the drive and delay some more. The Senate needs to cut wild Chrissy loose.

Who knows what else these connivers have up their sleeve.

The Senate has yet to see her original letter currently in the hands of Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

The MSM is busy claiming Judge Kavanaugh is falling into disfavor with the American public.


Senator Lindsey Graham congratulated the President on a great rally and stood up for Judge Kavanaugh.

He said the Kavanaugh nomination is still on track.

Senator McConnell also stood strong. The Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “In the very near future, Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court.”

  • Are all of you kidding me?! Where are your morals? Whether or not this lady was a party girl or not is irrelevant. Because she partied, just like others, she deserves to be forced sexually? That is an absolute ridiculous argument. Expect more from you Sarah. Journalistic negligence on your part here in the echo chamber.

  • Car travel is riskier than air travel maybe she will die on the way, in this Country the accused has the rite to a lawyer and to face his accuser bottom line she doesn’t have the rite to choose the time and date

  • High School pool party with drinking, and she goes into a bedroom with 2 drunk high school guys. Most defense attorneys would have a field day with that……even if it happened yesterday.

    She is getting more than most in her situation would get. She needs to sit in front of that Senate Judiciary Committee and tell her story. Take what they are giving you……or you get nothing.

    Chrissy, you will have done all that you could do. Then within days Kavanaugh will be voted onto the SCOTUS. But. hopefully you will have a clean conscious.

  • Give this woman a reasonable specific time to be at the hearings and if she can’t make it, tell her and her sleazy lawyers to go pound sand.

  • The whole play here is to change the rules of law and put this into an investigation that will last until the Socialists want to end it. Now is the time for Senator Grassley to stick by the rules and remind this lawyer that this hearing will only proceed under the leadership of the Senate, and not as a party for Ms. Ford. Remember, due process and rule of law. No compromise to pander to Ms. Ford. She is the one charging, and for no other reason than to divert justice … Schumer, Feinstein, Ford, must be charged for felony conspiracy to subvert the course of justice and impede, the conformation of Judge Kavanaugh. It is time that all this crap stop and Congress be held accountable for what they do, and allow to be done.

  • Amen! The truth about this woman is starting to emerge that she was a party girl, loose with her morals, being used as a weapon to take down a decent man. The Left are a bunch of evil power hungry manipulators intent upon controlling this country.