Mystery Surrounds Mandalay Security Guard Jesus Campos


The following information about the hero security guard at the Mandalay comes from independent journalists and we can’t confirm it, but it is interesting and worth considering. The guard’s name is Jesus Campos and he is sequestered in his home with an armed guard from a private service patrolling the perimeter. Why and who is paying for it? The killer is dead.

The State of Nevada requires all security guards be registered with and licensed by the state, under the jurisdiction of the Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board. A number of websites are reporting that Jesus Campos is not registered as a security guard. You can search at:

There is a Daniel Campos but no Jesus.

Independent journalist Laura Loomer did a search of the MGM employee database and found that Jesus’s name does not appear.

Ms. Loomer also visited the house of Jesus Campos and found the armed security guard patrolling. Why? The killer’s house was broken into and no one was guarding it. Why is he being guarded? A precaution? To keep reporters away?

There have been many inconsistencies such as the misreported license plate number of the killer’s van and the misreported date of hotel registration by the killer – it was changed from September 28 to the 25th after Laura Loomer reported the actual date. The timeline, which has since been corrected, also involved Jesus Campos and is being contested again by the hotel.

The police said the guard was shot six minutes before the massacre but the Mandalay says it happened about 40 seconds before he began shooting. They also deny the killer could have used the freight elevator.

ISIS claims to have a video of the Mandalay killer confessing to being a jihadi but we’ve yet to see it or any evidence whatsoever. Police say there is no nexus between ISIS and the killer.

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