Mystery Surrounds Mandalay Security Guard Jesus Campos


The following information about the hero security guard at the Mandalay comes from independent journalists and we can’t confirm it, but it is interesting and worth considering. The guard’s name is Jesus Campos and he is sequestered in his home with an armed guard from a private service patrolling the perimeter. Why and who is paying for it? The killer is dead.

The State of Nevada requires all security guards be registered with and licensed by the state, under the jurisdiction of the Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board. A number of websites are reporting that Jesus Campos is not registered as a security guard. You can search at:

There is a Daniel Campos but no Jesus.

Independent journalist Laura Loomer did a search of the MGM employee database and found that Jesus’s name does not appear.

Ms. Loomer also visited the house of Jesus Campos and found the armed security guard patrolling. Why? The killer’s house was broken into and no one was guarding it. Why is he being guarded? A precaution? To keep reporters away?

There have been many inconsistencies such as the misreported license plate number of the killer’s van and the misreported date of hotel registration by the killer – it was changed from September 28 to the 25th after Laura Loomer reported the actual date. The timeline, which has since been corrected, also involved Jesus Campos and is being contested again by the hotel.

The police said the guard was shot six minutes before the massacre but the Mandalay says it happened about 40 seconds before he began shooting. They also deny the killer could have used the freight elevator.

ISIS claims to have a video of the Mandalay killer confessing to being a jihadi but we’ve yet to see it or any evidence whatsoever. Police say there is no nexus between ISIS and the killer.


  1. There is an explanation for the confusion about his check-in date.

    He checked into the hotel on the 25th, but the Hotel didn’t have the room he wanted available at that time.

    He changed rooms to the one on the 32 floor on the 28th.

    That means there are two check-in dates. One for when he checked into the hotel and one for when he checked into the room that overlooked the music festival.

  2. So, there’s a Saudi connection. Is this why the FBI is so quiet. The one man who was interviewed said he came from an “upper” floor. He said he came down because of a fire door alarm, which is what Campos was there fore. Are two men usually sent for an open door alarm.

  3. Campos was to be on Hannity last night, but the interview was canceled by Campos according to Hannity, either Campos is hiding something or someone put a lot of pressure on this security guard to keep his mouth shut, right after the shooting, Campos was hailed as a hero, now he is in hiding??????

  4. Laura went there a second time and a woman who answered the door said they cannot speak about any of this. The same security guard showed up again. It would appear he must be on 24 hr duty.

    If this were some random criminal case it would likely just fall under the radar but here there are nearly 600 casualties of which 58 were murdered. The public will not stand for some type of Government cover-up, and that is what the situation is beginning to look like.

    We DO know the case of last year of a plot that was foiled which had identical circumstances. That story wasn’t released UNTIL after this event occurred. Are we looking at an FBI sting operation that used that previous case as a template to ensnare a larger terrorist organization. The FBI has stated, on the record, they have approximately 1000 cases they are investigating. Was a sting operation set up with Paddock as an informant to sell weapons and explosives to suspected terrorists.

    We have learned the vast majority of weapons Were purchased after that previous FBI case. Was that hotel room set up with all the weapons and ammunition to lure hard core radicalized individuals. Most of the FBI cases in the past were very low-scale operations and certainly wouldn’t snare any dedicated persons. Is this why SO many properties were rented, which could be also a luring effect, and have Paddock appear as a significant arms dealer. On that fateful night was the sting in full operation, and if any hard-core terrorists happen to be present, did THEY kill Paddock and then commit the crimes. If so, this would expose the FBI as co-conspirators in the crime.

    This is certainly a speculative conspiracy theory but all the events that have followed since then causes one to wonder why all the suspicious behavior on the part of the FBI. If any semblance of this is true it would almost destroy the FBI and they would have little choice in a cover-up. If it began, as suspected, it would mean it was directed by the Obama FBI and considering Fast and Furious 2 it could be possible. Then, this question certainly must be considered. Has the FBI so feared revelation that this is the reason there has been such a concerted effort to trap Trump in any kind of wrongdoing. The guard and Campos makes the situation highly suspect. Was Campos a “lookout” and did the other person who did give interviews stumble in on the operation. One thing seems certain, the man from the FBI at the news conferences said nothing at first and seems far too reluctant in speaking considering past cases where the FBI is present.

    • I am suspicious that Campos was a lookout, partly because he did not work there and was not registered. Plus the delay before authorities were at the door gave the shooters time to escape. The official timeline is unclear and inconsistent. The police are for show, the FBI probably has much of the evidence. The police did not go to the correct floor, and waited 72 minutes until the FBI entered the room? Then what are the police for?

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