Nadler’s fraudulent impeachment begins! You must agree with Jerry to be a patriot!


Adam Schiff will not present his own report. He slinked out of it and sent his loud, aggressive lawyer instead.

Republicans had a “Where’s Adam,” sign on display.

There was a little commotion at the beginning of the hearing when a former Infowars employee Owen Shoyer loudly interrupted the proceedings. Of course, it was nothing like what has gone on in Republican and Supreme Court hearings.

Doug Collins said they will not hear from one fact witness.

Nadler will not allow any minority hearings.


According to far-left Jerrold Nadler, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, if a senator votes against impeachment he is not a patriot, but rather a partisan. That is what he said on Meet the Press yesterday. If you don’t agree with him, you’re a partisan.

“Well, I don’t know how he will take acquittal. I don’t know he’ll be acquitted. The Senators are going to have to decide, the House members first are going to have to decide and then the Senators will have to decide in the face of an abundance of uncontested evidence the President poses a threat to our election. He put his own interests above the interests of the country, are they going to be patriots or partisans?”

That’s the Democrats new line — it’s patriotic to impeach a president without cause.

Sharpton agrees with Nadler, of course.



  1. These are the real traitors who are performing an unlawful coup of the White House making a mockery of the Federalist’s Papers on impeachment.

  2. Nads, got it right, “the President poses a threat to “OUR” election.

    Just have to get the accent on the right syllable & name the teams.

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