Nancy Pelosi Brags About Georgia Race They Lost, Warns Repubs They’re in Trouble


Nancy Pelosi was at her weirdest during a presser Thursday during which a reporter asked her why she should keep her job. Her finest moment among several was when she explained that she’s very proud of the race they lost in Georgia. They lost after Democrats spent something like $28 million.

She’s proud of this loss

“I know you probably have some interest in what happened in Georgia this week. The fact is we’re very proud of the race that was run there. The candidate who carried the banner Jon Ossoff had a great campaign. I was interested in some of the statements that the people from Georgia saying, hey, we reduced by 20 points what the advantage had been in that district for the Republicans.”

Georgia, and that district in particular is changing demographically. In part, it’s being transformed by the influx of foreigners who vote for Democrats. They’re replacements for traditional Americans.

Bad news for Republicans, Democrats only lost by nearly 4 points

Nancy sees real good news in the Democrats losing by 3.8 points instead of twenty.  It’s very bad news for Republicans according to her.

“This is good news for us, for legislative races and congressional races, and also statewide. I think Chairman, Mr. Ben Ray Luján, deserves a great deal of credit for the work that was done in these four races. I don’t have it right here but it adds up to over 71 points; 25 points carved off of the Republican majority in — in Kansas. Another big chunk in Montana. Another big chunk in South Carolina. Another big chunk in Georgia, nearly 20 points. So, over 71 points. By all accounts, if you are a Republican, this is not good news to you.”

Let’s hope Democrats keep following her lead. In fact, we need to start a Republicans for Pelosi movement so they can keep losing races so magnificently.

Correction: The final vote count in Georgia was a difference of 3.8 and we updated to reflect that.

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