Nancy Pelosi Explains How Democrats Smear Opponents


In the clip below, Nancy Pelosi explains how Democrats smear opponents with the help of their media army. She defines it as “a self-fulfilling prophecy” and says it’s “called the wrap up smear”.

You “demonize” somebody…”you smear somebody and then you merchandise it. And you write it and if they see it’s reported in the press that this, this, and this, so they have that validation, the press report it, the smear, and then it’s called the wrap up smear. Now I’m going to merchandise the press’s report on the smear that we made.”

Wow! These people are sickos. I hope the Republicans saw this.

Pelosi was accusing Republicans of this in the full clip, but this is exactly what the Democrats are doing. The Republicans have no ‘in’ with the media, only Democrats do. Fox News is the only network that actually presents both sides and the news division has at least as many Democrat guests on air as Republicans.

Nancy Pelosi made these comments on June 22, 2017.

Democrats have this expertise and it is what they did to Justice Kavanaugh. She accidentally showed her cards.


Far-left CNN is complaining that the Democrats were outplayed by the Republicans. In an article by Princeton University professor and CNN political analyst Julian Zelizer titled, “How the Democrats got outplayed on Kavanaugh,” the author bemoans the loss to Republicans.

The article is posted as if it were a legitimate political analysis. It should be an op-ed. It’s more of a cautionary tale for Democrats than an analysis.

Zelizer hints that Republicans had the strength of facts on their side, but knows enough to not admit it.

He does admit, however, that despite the “damage” caused by the allegations, “the Republicans got their political act together before the hearings even ended.”

Zelizer has the temerity to call Republicans “ruthless” and “aggressive”, but it is the Democrats who invented a sexual abuse story out of whole cloth. They did it in collusion with the media and troubled women.

Democrats insisted we ignore due process — and the presumption of innocence — because this was just a “job interview”. They did this as they accused Justice Kavanaugh of serious crimes. The media played their part and aired the nonsense in a most supportive way.

Zelizer, as with 90 percent of the media, is not neutral. They are fully and wholly an arm of the Democrat Party and have been for the last one hundred years. The media doesn’t like having competition from Fox News, some media outlets, and blogs. There is a massive effort right now to shut down opposing opinions if they can’t talk opponents out of their beliefs.

The smear merchants are David Brock, George Soros, Tom Steyer and many of the other leftists with money to burn. It’s not Republicans smearing — it’s leftists.

Republicans are almost always on the defensive and this time, they ere able to fight them off — they had the facts on their side.



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