Nancy Pelosi Is ‘For the People’ & Wants Your Guns & Your Money


Rep. Nancy Pelosi is confident she will be the Speaker of the House again. She told leftist reporter Christine Amanpour on CNN in an hour-long interview that she’d support the impeachment of Donald Trump ‘if the facts are there’.

She needs a crime first and we know Robert Mueller is doing his best to find one.

“I don’t think impeachment should be engaged in for a political reason, but I don’t think it should be avoided for a political reason. In other words, if the facts are there, then it takes us to a place [where impeachment may be considered],” Pelosi said.

Pelosi added that impeaching Trump was not a priority for House Democrats.

“Our priority [is] unifying. Impeachment is a very divisive approach. Elections should determine who’s in office,” Pelosi said. “If the president has broken the law, he is not above the law. But, that remains to be seen.”

Pelosi wants to take back the tax cuts and put in more regulations. Her infrastructure plans will be expensive.

The future House Speaker also plans to pass “sensible” gun laws for “gun safety” and “gun violence”. She didn’t say what she plans to do about criminals and their illegal guns.

The gun buy-backs are a popular method for taking guns away from law-abiding, legal gun owners, but it doesn’t effectuate any beneficial changes.

As actor James Woods said, “Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids.”

Woods probably just gave the lefties an idea!

Pelosi is also going to take care of amnesty for dreamers, but when Trump tried to do that she put the kabosh on it.

Make no mistake, Democrats will give amnesty to everyone here illegally and usher more in so they never have to worry about fixing another election.

Nancy used the Dem slogan, ‘for the people’ during the interview. Antifa likes that slogan too. They say they want to kill people ‘for the people.’

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