Nancy Pelosi Praises “Outside Groups” for Defeating Healthcare


Nancy Pelosi praised the “outside groups” for defeating the Republican healthcare bill. The outside groups literally include murderers, terrorists, Socialists, violent Communists and many are funded by a very evil man who wants to see the United States fail.

A reporter asked Nancy Pelosi if the Republicans would “allow” Democrats to participate in healthcare now. Democrats have refused to participate unless Republicans agree to keep Obamacare but reporters like that one is either uninformed or a liar.

With her usual mean-spiritedness, Pelosi said she believes “there is some goodness in the hearts of our Republican colleagues.”

Then she went on to praise the “outside groups”:

“…The town halls worked, the outside groups weighed in with not political organizing but with the storytelling of people and what Affordable Care Act meant — means in their lives and what taking it away would do to the health and well-being of their families, what their assault on Medicaid means to the good health of our country. So it’s not about them and us, it’s — that’s inside maneuvering, it’s about the outside message and mobilization from so many people calling their senators and their members of the House and saying listen to my story.”

The facts of what went on in these town halls are indisputable. The outside groups she is praising were threatening Republican congressmen and senators at town halls. They screamed, disrupted, and in some cases became violent. Leaked audio proves they were manufactured astro-turf of the hard-left.

The Women’s Marches are communists who praise the likes of Joanne Chesimard, a cop killer, Linda Sarsour, a radical Islamist, Donna Hylton, a sadistic killer, and Rasmea Odeh, a terrorist killer who is finally being deported.

The very evil and very hard-left George Soros funds at least 56 of these outside groups.

Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street are anti-Capitalist, Communist movements funded by Soros. The revolutionaries, as they call themselves, go to meetings where Republicans are presenting to stir trouble.

We mustn’t forget Antifa and the WeResist movements funded by Soros. No Democrat has spoken out against them.

The left wants you to believe all feel as they do, but it’s not true.

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