Nancy Pelosi Promises Legal Restrictions on Sexual Behavior, In the Private Sector too

Nancy Pelosi betrays her good friend John Conyers.

Nancy Pelosi wants stricter legal ramifications against “sexual misbehavior” and she wants it in the private sector too. Just like a hardcore statist aka Democrat!

She betrayed her “icon” friend congressman Conyers today. Conyers apparently has more problems than just sexual misbehavior.

People are now coming out to say John Conyers is suffering from some type of mental deterioration. Apparently it was common knowledge.

The 88-year old congressman is accused of sexually harassing his female staffers. On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi said Conyers is an “icon” and a good friend. She stuffed off the alleged victims saying she didn’t know who his accusers are.

She was mocked non-stop after that and had to come out Thursday to reverse her decision.

The House minority leader called the charges against Conyers “serious, disappointing and very credible,” and added that “the brave women who came forward are owed justice. I pray for Congressman Conyers and his family and wish them well, however Congressman Conyers should resign.”

Conyer’s lawyer tore into her after this and said Conyers is not leaving.

Nancy Pelosi said he was her good friend. Sunday Aren’t you glad she’s not your good friend?

That was Sunday and it’s another day. Pelosi says we need “zero tolerance”.

“Zero tolerance means consequences for everyone. No matter how great the legacy it’s no license to harass or discriminate.”

What does she mean by consequences for everyone and who is she to decide what is acceptable behavior?

For one thing, she said she is going to incorporate more sexual harassment training in Congress. You mean these grown men don’t know what sexual harassment is? Why are we voting them in if they are that dense?

For another thing, she will “expand the ‘protections’ in the private sector as well. That means limitations on free speech as it has in the past. If Republicans don’t go for it, the Democrats will call them sexists or something equivalent.

Democrats are the ones who mostly misbehave and they use their behavior to put their restrictions on the rest of us.

Everyone who works at the Capitol must understand, she said, “It’s all over. There’s a new day and the courage of the women coming forward is something that is making a big difference.”

We have yet to see who in Congress besides Al Franken and John Conyers acted badly. Maybe it’s coming.

Most of the men acting badly are liberals and leftists who claim to be supporting women’s rights. They are the party of women.

She managed to blame President Trump during her spiel and is trying to make the Democrat foibles about Trump. She’s nauseating.


  1. Anyone who “needs” this type of “training” has no respect for women in the first place. One who respects others cannot conceive behaving in a manner which is harassment. It is a matter of one’s character, which reflects their treatment of others. Without character, a sense of superiority ensues and then justification for your actions. It is on display in the “apologies” that all these men have been giving recently, in not only the “words” but having it released via a third party.

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