Hack Nancy Pelosi Says “Democrats Are America”, Not That Other Party


Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are America. She sees the Democratic Party as very inclusive [but Republicans, police, and old, white men aren’t included]. Nancy was talking to Reverend Al’s National Action Network at the time she made her comments.

The House Minority Leader from San Francisco said on Wednesday that Democrats “are America” and “look like America”. They are the party of racial and gender diversity she declared, unlike the other party.

“We have record numbers of people of color in our caucus now and a record number of women,” she pointed out. Nancy boasted that House Democrats will be 60 percent women, people of color and LGBTQ people.

Alas, she forgot to mention Democrats are also the party of communists and socialists. That’s how diverse they are!

Apparently, Republicans aren’t America.

Nancy also said Al Sharpton saved America. The woman is delusional.

Let’s Take a Look at the Man Nancy Pelosi Says Saved America

    • Delusional…but they are the vapid brain dead marching destructive threatening of violence and vocally as well as physically obscene mobs…and their elected representatives agree that this is ok as they actually urge them to be so…this idiot inclusive…and their darling “loser” had the “gall” to call the other side “deplorables”…Damn people have NO MIRRORS…especially Hillary…

  • Hahaha I swear her brain is stuck in the twilight zone either that or she’s an evil martian from another planet I just can’t decide. xD

  • Democrats have a set speech for every group they address. That’s how they unite such a wide variety of interests basically opposed to each other.

  • Well she has a point. A majority of people that voted for president in 2016 voted for Hillary, making them just as idiotic as the Democrat Party. So yes, even though only about 24% of people identify as “Liberal”, at least 75% of the 34% who call themselves “moderate” are actually stupid enough to vote for Democrats at least half the time. Our elections are decided by the most ignorant, undecided people in the country. At least staunch democrats are focused on their moronity. A person has to be a moron to even waiver on the choice these days. The Democrat Party is a lying, cheating heinous organization. Republicans have their idiocy, but seem to be mostly inept combined with infiltrated by Leftist posers.

  • It’s to the point, now, that Democrats are openly hostile and openly insurrectionist. THAT’S what I don’t get. Malcontents are one thing…but Democrats want violence and mob justice. That’s CERTAINLY the recourse of folks who have NOTHING else to offer…