Hack Nancy Pelosi Says “Democrats Are America”, Not That Other Party


Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are America. She sees the Democratic Party as very inclusive [but Republicans, police, and old, white men aren’t included]. Nancy was talking to Reverend Al’s National Action Network at the time she made her comments.

The House Minority Leader from San Francisco said on Wednesday that Democrats “are America” and “look like America”. They are the party of racial and gender diversity she declared, unlike the other party.

“We have record numbers of people of color in our caucus now and a record number of women,” she pointed out. Nancy boasted that House Democrats will be 60 percent women, people of color and LGBTQ people.

Alas, she forgot to mention Democrats are also the party of communists and socialists. That’s how diverse they are!

Apparently, Republicans aren’t America.

Nancy also said Al Sharpton saved America. The woman is delusional.

Let’s Take a Look at the Man Nancy Pelosi Says Saved America

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