Nancy Pelosi Says “It’s the End of the World”


Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the Republican tax cuts to the working class “Armegeddon” on Monday. She said it’s the “end of the world”. The hyperbolic Democrat condemned the cost of cutting taxes on much of the middle class which the GOP believes will be offset by the increase in economic growth.

This is the woman who approved of Barack Obama’s ten trillion in debt – stimulus, welfare, Obamacare, and on and on. If she knows how to improve the economy, why didn’t she do it over the past eight years?

When given the opportunity to take back her hyperbolic characterization of the bill, Pelosi said, “No this is the end of the world. The debate on health care is life or death. This is Armegeddon. This is a really big deal. Because you know why? It’s really hard to come back from this.”

Her gears are slipping again. Some nuts are loose.

American Mirror put together a humorous compilation of Nancy’s brain freezes and facial spasms from her prior speech.

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