Nancy Pelosi Slips: “We’d Have to Do Many Other Things” on Gun Control


The Las Vegas killer reportedly had 12 bump-stocks in his hotel room the night of the massacre. The GOP and NRA are in support of regulating the “bump-stocks” or “bump-fires”, which were approved by the Obama administration. They are devices meant to aid handicapped sportsmen who hunt and can’t pull the trigger of a semi-automatic rifle repeatedly. They aren’t popular because they jam the rifle.

Regulation is apparently not good enough. John King, CBS political commentator, railed against them not being banned or confiscated. That is how the left operates. It is never enough and their demands will proceed endlessly.

Nancy Pelosi inadvertently made that clear this week.

During a town hall on CNN on Wednesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that universal background checks would save lives, but “many other things” would have to be done as well.

Pelosi said that if background checks were expanded to cover various sales that are exempt, “it would save lives. But it isn’t the complete answer. We’d have to do many other things as well. And people have to be vigilant. We don’t want people reporting on each other. We respect people’s, not only Second Amendment rights, but their Fourth Amendment rights, but something must have been obvious to someone about this along the way.”

When she talks about expanding background checks, she is talking about eliminating private sales or transfers. They still have to go through background checks and follow the law to buy and own a gun. This issue is seen by opponents as making it difficult to sell guns even among family members in person-to-person sales. There are already many laws covering these transfers, rendering expanded checks unnecessary. It is seen as a gun registration scheme for future confiscation perhaps? In addition the NRA says the people who need to be registered – criminals – will never submit to the check.

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