Nancy Pelosi’s Bizarro Interview With Chris Wallace – Video




“We don’t have a spending problem,” it’s “a priorities.” Spending cuts hinder growth. We need revenue (taxes)! She said the spending came during Bush and the $5.8 trillion Obama debt is Bush’s fault.

She is critical of the prescription plan Bush approved and that she and other Democrats wanted. [That is what happens when you play ball with Democrats.]

More jobs, more revenue, she said, adding that “it is a false argument to say we have a spending problem.” The debt and deficit must be reduced. [She claims they made sufficient spending cuts but most of them are years down the road and there is no guarantee a Congress of the future will abide by them, in fact, it’s unlikely.]

She kept talking about balance between taxes and revenue. The fiscal cliff deal was only taxes, not very balanced.

It’s not about taxes, it’s about timing, she said, and raising taxes on the high-end people was a very good thing to do. [She appears to believe that the rich can carry the economy by themselves.]

The Buffet Rule is not raising taxes – it’s only paying their fair share, Pelosi said.

Pelosi claims, that raising the age for Medicare will not save money.

Pelosi wants more studies on violence in the media. The evidence says in Japan for example, they have the most violent video games, but they have the least violence with guns, she said. She doesn’t know why.

Pelosi wants: no further sale of assault weapons or large magazines, background checks, and she “avows the FIRST AMENDMENT” and that “people have the right to have a gun.”

Obamacare is doing a lot with mental health. [I hope she does get the help she needs.]

Both she and Barack believe it is critical that they regain the House in 2014. She would again be Speaker and we would be able to hear more about our Constitution’s first amendment gun rights and how we don’t have a spending problem. I can’t wait!

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