Nancy says Trump’s “over the edge” & making “America white” again


A smirking Nancy Pelosi joked about pushing Trump “over the edge” during a recent gathering. The despicable Marxist called President Trump an “occasional occupant of the White House.”

In your dreams toots! He’s going to be in the White House for a while!

Everyone laughed as she spouted her nonsense, although she was not funny and made little sense.

According to her, Trump is trying to block the census, undermining our “values” and “dignity.” She’s probably upset that the census includes a question about whether the people living in the United States are citizens.

As an aside, the leftist groups allegedly came up with proof that the citizenship question is politically motivated. The message from them is we are not allowed to know how many people are here illegally. And we have to keep funding states and giving out assembly seats to states according to how many illegals they can lure into their state.

The woman who wants a one-party USA claims Trump is upsetting the system of checks and balances. She also seems to think we live in a Socialist democracy instead of a Constitutional Republic.


Open borders Nan doesn’t want borders.

Chain migration and all the other looney immigration programs put into place by Democrats have added to the devastating immigration system and she loves them. What Democrats do to keep this fraud going is — they lie.

In another speech, she said, “When the president says merit…turn it upside down. It means make America white again, have people leave, just go back and we’ll just let in people we like.”

She’s a lying bigot, obsessed with race as a tool to turn us all into subjects of the ruling class. Name one communist policy she doesn’t support — you can’t.

Go to 39:45 on the clip — crazy Nan takes Ronald Reagan’s name in vain. She mentioned a quote of Reagan’s supporting legal immigration. We all agree we want legal immigration, but this woman pretends illegal immigration is the same thing as legal immigration. She knows she is lying.

At 42:00, she talks about making America white again.


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