Nancy’s Communistas Revolt Over Her Humanitarian Border Bill


The Department of Health and Human Services will run out of funding within weeks, and legislators don’t want to work through the holiday. In an effort to end the impasse and get legislators home for Independence Day, Nancy Pelosi came up with a horrendous bill that only provides for the care of illegal crossers and even gets them lawyers at taxpayer expense. It provides nothing to border agents or for border security.

That started a firefight with Nancy’s communistas in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus. They are demanding changes.

According to The Hill, the hard left wants the package to include “a new set of behavioral standards governing the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP),” in order to ensure migrants are treated humanely.

After two children died from illnesses contracted on the arduous journey, Democrats blamed border patrol and came up with a bill introduced by Rep. Raul Ruiz, a Democrat from California. Keep in mind that they care nothing about the bodies turning up before they get to the border nor do they care about all the rapes and drugs.

The Ruiz bill is just another way to force lawsuits leading to the elimination of all borders.

The measure requires health screenings and translators within 12 hours, and under 3 hours for those who appear vulnerable. It will require medications, certain emergency care, a gallon of water a day per illegal, and life-saving equipment Border Patrol already does their best to provide. It also includes standards for nutrition, sanitation, and shelter which is a challenge since more than a hundred thousand come each month and there is little money for it.

This bill is simply to make it easier to sue Border Patrol with the goal of eliminating all detentions, period.


Democrats know they can no longer hide the crisis at the border so they are reframing it as a humanitarian crisis created by Donald Trump.

“There’s a difference between funding items that they say they need versus changing behaviors by creating some humanitarian standards within CBP,” Rep. Raul Ruiz said, as he left Pelosi’s office meeting. “We still need to pass the humanitarian standards bill that I’ve introduced in order to change behaviors. Otherwise, you’re going to fund a system that is treating women and children subhuman and inhumane, and that’s not going to change simply because you have more supplies.”

Screenshot AOC

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) left the meeting, blathering nonsense: “I’m not interested in … making sure that caged children are getting warmer burritos. I’m trying to make sure that they’re not getting caged in the first place.”

She wants open borders and has said so openly.

AOC opposed the bill going into the meeting but might vote for it with revisions she wants.

Who the hell is this witch?

Nancy Pelosi’s bill is awful enough. It clearly demands taxpayers pay for all illegal aliens’ needs. The details are infuriating.


The White House is threatening a veto, calling it a “partisan bill that underfunds necessary accounts and seeks to take advantage of the current crisis by inserting policy provisions that would make our country less safe.”

“Instead of Pelosi putting a group together, Republicans and Democrats, to solve the problem, look at what she’s doing. She’s got maybe her most hardcore left groups trying to figure out how to jam the president,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise said.

  • God Damn these communists lefties in our so called “congress” , including the divisive
    Congressional “Black” Caucus. We have a lot to do to try to save this country from these communists, including Nancy Pelosi. Good people everywhere, of all races must unite to combat this evil

  • Mexico is taking action to stop the invasion by sending 15,000 troops to the border. Meanwhile, the Commiecrats are enraged because Trump is winning once again the battle. Call the bluff, declare its an emergency risking life and death and put the children on planes and fly them back to their country of origin where they can get the food and housing they need. Catholic charities has plenty of money along with other church outreach groups to care for the children on their return.

  • “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.”-Barack Obama, 2005…………and this guy became president in 2008, but now that Trump wants to end illegal’s coming in illegally…………he is Hitler ???????

      • Many of the voters are simply ignorant of any current events and oblivios of what is going on around them. They listen to soundbites from the MSM and are being taught Socialism in the schools. They want free stuff and “help” the people of the world. Who can turn down free health care, reparations, paying off student loans, free government jobs for everyone, everyone is a victim and the right of not being offended? They are being taught (and believe) in a Utopia. They are unable to answer simple civics, economical, or historical questions.

        • Ran Rom (@ranrom777) ……… are exactly correct, and I see the situation getting worse, during the dem debates I doubt any one of the msm people will ask these idiots……….HOW is this free sh*t going to be paid for??????

  • The dems want to forgive student loan debt at a cost of 1.5 trillion dollars. They want a single payer health care system with a cost of 25 to 35 trillion dollars over the course of 10 years, but the democrats cannot approve 4.5 billion dollars in humanitarian aid for illegal immigrant children. Apparently for the dems it is more advantageous to gig Trump than it is to spend what amounts to peanuts to help the children. The dems are proving that they don’t give a crap about helping people in need unless they can be used as a prop to further their political aspirations.