Nanny New Jersey Fines People for Violating the Lightning Law


ben and kite

Photo of Ben Franklin before his recent arrest in Cresskill

The nannies in Cresskill, New Jersey are planning to fine people who ignore lightning alarms in parks. If the lightning alarm goes off in the field or by the pool, people have ten minutes to get out of sight. If they don’t, they get a $1000 fine.

Athletes playing ball have to get off the field. Everyone must get off the field and run for cover to a car or a building if there is one nearby.

The law isn’t working all that well since ball players in particular are ignoring the alarms.

Residents call the new ordinance ridiculous and a nuisance.

I would like to know why they need to fine people? Put something in place that prevents people from suing but a $1000 fine? That’s like saying if you walk within the edge of the platform on the train station, we are going to fine you because it’s unsafe. Ben Franklin wouldn’t have discovered electricity if it were up to the Cresskill nannies.

It’s a crazy ordinance. if people want to be out in lightning, it’s their right.

Full story at cbs local


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