NASA Official Fears Colonizing Mars Harms Indigenous Rights — REALLY!


Lucianne Walkowicz is the NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology and an astronomer at the Adler Planetarium. She organized the Decolonizing Mars unconference and has given TED talks on the same topic.

Space exploration and trips to Mars are exciting. It’s a whole new frontier, but not for people like Lucianne. She fears colonizing Mars will harm indigenous peoples’ rights.

Really, seriously, that’s her worry.

NASA official Lucianne Walkowicz is disturbed by “the way people talk about going to Mars as if the planet is ours… When we talk about terraforming, that’s a planetary-scale strip mining operation.”

“It’s been troubling to me to hear people erasing what’s going on here on our own planet both from an environmental standpoint and an indigenous rights standpoint when they talk about going to other planets,” she fretted out loud.

Mars is not populated and there are no indigenous people there. We aren’t colonizing by taking away a thing from anyone. She brings up indigenous people as if it matters in any way at all.

We aren’t even at the point of developing a planet and she wants to limit it to be inclusive.

Rush Limbaugh dealt with the nuttiness of this on his show Monday with his usual humor and way with words. He also talked about the people complaining that only the rich can go to Mars since a trip will cost $200,000. They don’t seem to realize that half the people who will go will die on the way and the rest will die there. They aren’t coming back.

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