NASA Threatens Individuals on Social Media Who Deny Climate Change



NASA – the government – is now wiling away its time intimidating individuals who deny climate change. Someone appears to be getting paid at NASA to monitor individuals on Facebook during the work day.

Facebook user Fer Morales does not believe climate change is steering us into a cataclysmic future and posted some inaccurate information on Bill Nye “The Science Guy’s” Facebook page which was followed by a menacing comment from NASA. Believers say it’s a “righteous smack down” of Fer Morales.

In defense of NASA, the comments are erroneous and they do have the right to put up facts but it is very intimidating when a big government agency is aggressive towards an individual Facebook poster.

NASA and the government aren’t exactly accurate themselves.

NASA has addressed other posters as well who delete their comments or leave Facebook. This next poster deleted his comment but he’s not wrong about NASA fudging numbers. Their use of temperatures over the last 100 years is fudging if ever there was fudging.

This approach goes back to Cass Sunstein, an Obama advisor, and his Nudge theory. He even wrote a book about it. The plan is for the government to nudge the public to think and respond in the right way – the government’s way.

These were personalized messages to individuals by a powerful government agency. Do they have a list that they keep?

People do need to know that NASA does lie such as when they tell people that surface temperature records for the last 100 years are accurate even though we know that most of the temperature stations tested were off significantly.

NASA might be an agency that has given us great science but it has been politicized and it’s doing the White House PR on climate change – all agencies are.

The lie about the 97% consensus among scientists is a government lie. The entire notion of climate change/global warming being a worse threat than global jihad for example is ridiculous. CO2 produced by humans is greater than the massive volume of CO2 produced by the rest of the world? Really? The sun has nothing to do with our temperatures? We can accurately forecast the end of the earth in 100 years when we can’t accurately foretell the temperature tomorrow?

The entire purpose of exaggerating the natural phenomena of climate change is control, power, taxation, and regulation.

Insofar as the science of the Facebook posters are concerned, someone made this comment on Twitter.

You might want to read about what else is going on thanks to the president who has politicized every government agency and the media.

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  1. It is very simple…they play along with the Presidents biggest con of all times and he lets them play with their rockets. He could get IRS, State, virtually all the agencies he CONTROLS to join this effort.

    NASA kiss my ass, give up whoring, and get back to space exploration.

  2. “…they have absolutely no concept of how abusive it is for an overreaching, propagandized government to rip into a powerless individual.”

    They know EXACTLY how abusive it is. That is the reason they employ it every chance they get.

  3. Anyone who read a ‘threat’ in those responses must also be scared of chalk political slogans on sidewalks.

    Seriously, I have a DD214. I know what a threat is. NASA didn’t threaten anyone there.

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