Nasally Senator from Minnesota Al Franken Tries to Belittle Jeff Sessions


Ignoring the real Russia collusion between the Clintons, the FBI, DoJ in the sale of a U.S. uranium mine to Russia, the Democrats tried to belittle and berate Attorney General Sessions during a Senate hearing Wednesday.

Nitpicking and parsing words, globalist and failed Air America host, Al Fanken claimed Attorney General Jeff Sessions subtly changed his story about whether he spoke with Russians.

Jeff Sessions has asked and answered this question over and over. He concisely answered the questions he was asked but didn’t elaborate which leaves people with the ability to say he changed his story. In fact, it was the questions that changed.

Franken spent 15 minutes berating Attorney General Jeff Sessions about statements he made during his confirmation hearings, statements that are now basically irrelevant. Then he tried to not let Sessions answer but Sessions wouldn’t allow it.

As he has said many times before, Sessions said he answered the question in the context in which it was asked and states that he did so honestly and in keeping with his high ethical standards.

After using up all the time, he wouldn’t give Sessions time to answer.

Franken monopolized the time, with long, rambling, accusatory questions and minimal time for a response.

Grassley allowed Sessions time to answer but Democrats whined. It limited the time they hoped to use to put the AG down.

This whole debate was meaningless. Sessions needs to clean up the corrupt FBI and DoJ and he needs to investigate the real Russia collusion of the Obama administration with Russia.

The nasally Franken knows Sessions isn’t a Russian spy or troll, he’s just being a jerk.

It was nice to see the old feisty Sessions back.

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